pligg content management system physics formulas for work and power

Chevrolet Z28 American Classic Cars

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and since this front sub frame cradled the engine it was designed so that anything from the 155 horse power six cylinder engine to the mighty 450 horse power 427 could be interchanged A fact that was So within two months of the Camaros introduction Chevys engineers were hard at work making the Camaro not just legal butpetitive in Trans Am racing But this optimism clearly indicates how much this little car had endeared itself to Chevys management in just two years

How Can I Prevent Spam On Sites Which I Control

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NOTE questions like what is 1 1 do not work well because they are often used and the people who build spambots program them to answer such questions correctly However host orwork There are a variety of third party CAPTCHA and traffic analysis solutions which are free or cheap to use and most open source content management software includes integrated modules for use of services like Akismet and reCAPTCHA Does anyone run a site with pligg What is the

The Curious Case Of The Immortal Jellyfish Discoblog

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How thats different from how the cells in our bodies work I dont know but Id think that changing forms would be more like reorganizing a work party than actual shape shifting to an earlier body type As far as what these things eat the name immortal is misleading theanism can still die nervous system taken off predation disease so the name is sort of a contradiction the animal does not stay as one life form for ever Hey You After readingments here

Bookletx The Kernel Boot Process

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This last post about booting takes a look at the guts of the kernel to see how an operating system starts life Since I have an empirical bent Ill link heavily to the sources for Linux kernel 2 6 25 6 at the Linux Cross Reference

Arxiv Find Stars In Other Universes Cosmic Variance

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Motivated by the possible existence of other universes with possible variations in the laws of physics this paper explores the parameter space of fundamental constants that allows for the existence of stars To make this In this work the most important quantities that determine stellar properties and are allowed to vary are the gravitational constant G the fine structure constant alpha and aposite parameter C that determines nuclear reaction rates

Ten Things You Dont Know About The Earth Bad Astronomy

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Other forces are at work as well including pressure caused by the weight of the continents upheaval due to tectonic forces and so on The Earth is The energy storage alone is a bit much even for the power of the Dark Side Even giant As you and the Earth form another Hulse Taylor binary now gravitational waves will be emitted as you pass through the earth which eventually cause your trip toe to a halt in the center of mass of the system September 9

Donkey Kong And Me Dadhacker

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for instance Marios jump moves are derived from basic physics of motion and the calculus based equations are in the source nicely formatted so you can see where the magic equates just below came from After DK Great story I was working at Atart at this very time consulting with Andersen to put in a new sales and inventory system Andersen that became Accenture btw A very fond memory although it is tough to see such mis management Have seen

In Death Einstein Makes More Money Than John Lennon

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The university hires thepany Greenlight to manage these rights and dole out permission for Einstein paraphernalia I love reading his material and if it were lucrative enough i would spend my time continuing his work Time is not a structure like space to allow space to time back to space jumping claimed by Physicists regardless of what physicists have to say about it because physics is a business and not necessarily science or scientific and like every

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