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Make Some Of The Most Popular Websites On Internet With...

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It also provides support for RSS subscription, groups, private messaging, etc. phpdug – It's an easy to set and manage Digg clone. It automatically add stories from RSS feed and generate thumbnails for YouTube and Goggle videos. source Groupon clone app. It allows you to start your own group buying website. Some of the features includes mobile version of the site, affiliates integration, payment gateway integration, free themes and social media integration.

Re: My Auto Pligg, Scuttle, Phpdug, Drigg Wp Plugin

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Hi BHW members I m testing my WordPress plugin that do auto pligg, auto scuttle, auto phpdug and auto drigg. I have been using it for a I have release beta version few days ago to some of my friends and customers. I want more tester to [Tester wanted]. Great plug in mate Just my php is 5.2.9 activated and everithing but when I update the stories nothing shows you say it may be my server config how can I fix it? .. [Tester wanted]. which pligger sites its adding?

Google Dorks For All Your Needs!

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[get] All Social Bookmarking Footprints List For 2012

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Khusnanbakhtiar: Strategy Backlink Footprint

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Open-source Clone Scripts Of Popular Websites

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phpdug. phpdug is a lightweight Digg clone that is easy to setup and maintain. It has great multilingual support and sports a minimalist but clean design. It has the ability to automatically add stories from RSS feed and can also generate on-the-fly thumbnails for YouTube and Google videos. Some of the features includes mobile version of the site, affiliates integration, payment gateway integration, free themes and social media integration. Please take note that the 

Some Pligg Footprints

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Kumpulan Footprint Untuk Diversifikasi Backlink

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