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pengertian fable legenda fairytale sciencefiction dalam narrative story

Narrative Text (penjelasan Dan Contoh)

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Biasanya, narrative text berisi tentang cerita baik cerita fiksi, cerita non-fiksi, cerita binatang (fable), cerita rakyat (folktale), cerita peri (fairytales), Mitos (Myth), Legenda (legend) dll, pokoknya semua hal tentang cerita ya narrative namanya… :-) b. fairy stories (Cerita yang bersifat fantastik, penuh dengan keajaiban) c. mysteries d. science fiction e. romances f. horror stories g. legends h. historical narratives i. personal experience (pengalaman pribadi yang ditulis)

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Malin Kundang. The Legend of Tangkuban Perahu. The Story of Lake Toba. Fable What is fabel? A fabel is a short allegorical narrative making a moral point, traditionally by means of animal characters who speak and act like human beings. The example of fable in narrative text are: · Mousedeer and crocodile. · The Ants and the Grasshopper. The Smartest Parrot. The Story of Monkey and Crocodile. ·. Fairy tale. What is fairy tale? According to Wikipedia, fairy tale is an 

Narrative Text

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Narrative text is a text which contains about story (fiction/non fiction/tales/folktales/fables/myths/epic) and its plot consists of climax of the story (complication) then followed by the resolution. The narrative text short story is telling of a story or an 

Narrative Text

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Dalam narrative text, biasanya terdapat nilai moral (Moral Value) yang bisa dipetik di akhir cerita. Science Fiction (sains fiksi) Fantasy (cerita khalayan) Myths (mitos) Legends (legenda) Folktale/folklore (cerita rakyat) Fairy Tales (dongeng) Fables (cerita hewan), etc. The purposes of Narrative Text are To amuse, entertain and to deal with actual or vicarious experience in different ways; narratives deal with problematic events What is the moral value of this story?

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2. bagian yang diceritakan dalam sebuah karya sastra, berbeda dengan dialog. 3. Praktik atau seni bercerita) Kind of Narrative Story A narrative is a story that is created in constructive form. A narrative is commonly found in fiction. The types of narratives are: A. fable. B. myths. C. legend. D. fairytales. E. science fiction story. F. short stories. G. parables. H. novels. I. horror story. Generic Structure dari Narrative Text penjelasan mengenai narrative texts tak begitu sulit.

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The ending of the story. Evaluation : The stepping back to evaluate the story or the moral message of the story. Linguistic features : 1. Use active verbs. 2. Use past tense. 3. Use conjunction. 4. The first person (I or We) or the third person (He, She, Kind of Narrative text : 1. Legend : Sangkuriang, Malin Kundang, etc. 2. Fable : Mousedeer and crocodile. 3. Fairy tale : Cinderella, Snow white, Pinocchio, etc. 4. Science fiction. Example of Narrative text : Sleeping Beauty.

Kind Of Text,definition,generic Structure And Example Of Text

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Adventure, mystery, science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, contemporary fiction, dilemma stories, dialogue, myths, legends, fairy tales, fables. Example of Narrative Text : The Legend of Toba Lake Once upon time, there was 

Myth, Legend, Fairy Tale, & Fable: What's The Difference?

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“A legend is a story which is told as if it were a historical event, rather than as an explanation for something or a symbolic narrative. The legend may or may not be an elaborated version of a historical event. Thus, examples of 

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