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So You Want To Write If: A Party Game For Ludolunch...

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Emily Short's Interactive Storytelling. Essays and 52 cards, divided into 26 Story cards, 19 Constraints, and 7 Secret Aims. I printed the This entry was posted in interactive fiction, tabletop games by Emily Short. Bookmark 

Writing For Seltani: An Aspel Post-mortem

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In my view, the Seltani realms I'd tried so far, though entertaining, were essentially single-player realms where it just happened to be possible to have some collaborators along as buddies; whereas I wanted to do a story where having multiple players was critical to the way the game played and felt. (Edited to add: Barbetween is sort of an . Pingback: Writing for Seltani: Aspel Post-mortem Part 2 | Emily Short's Interactive Storytelling. Pingback: Weekly Links #69 « No 

Future Of Storytelling

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As the interactive web documentary A Long History of a Short Block demonstrates, the street, like Manhattan itself, has played host to a wide range of infrastructure, communities, businesses, and people. A Long History of a 

Writing For Seltani, In General

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Emily Short's Interactive Storytelling. Essays and reviews on narrative in games and new media Meanwhile, the bottom panel has no links because it's the panel with persistent scrollback, so if you put links there you would also need some way of telling the system when the functionality of those links should expire. When I'm playing, though, I find it disconcerting the way text can appear unpredictably in either of several places in response to a click. It also makes it 

Book Short: Storytelling Is A Key Success Factor For Fast...

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The first of these is Storytelling – and while the book is about running a business, there are lessons for all marketers in this, to be applied to our quotidian marketing and our business planning – or your great start-up idea that 

Brands Must Master Short-form Storytelling

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In the end, it's not going to be a choice between six or 15 seconds but rather placing a bet on the long-term viability of short form storytelling.

Could Storytelling Be The Secret Sauce To Stem Education...

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In the short story “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas,” author Ursula Le Guin describes a utopian city that has everything people want or need — beauty, religion, happiness — but it's all possible because one child is 

Make A Short Doc With Help From

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The Center for Documentary Studies' first e-book, Visual Storytelling, is for anyone who wants to make a watchable short documentary using a consumer camcorder, digital SLR camera, or cell phone. Nancy Kalow, who has taught at CDS for 

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