kumpulan soal bahasa inggris expressing anger

Soal Bahasa Inggris Un Us Dan Kunci Jawaban Kelas 9...

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soal bahasa inggris UN US dan Kunci Jawaban Kelas 9 SMP TA 2013/2014 kumpulan soal dan Prediksi Ujian Nasional SMP Negeri/Swasta Type Your Additional Description Here!

Ulangan Harian Bahasa Inggris Kelas Xi...

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kumpulan soal Ujian Masuk Universitas · Ujian Saringan Masuk SIMAK UI · kumpulan Anggia : “No I'm not. Just take me home now” Based on the dialogue above, what kind of expression Anggia used? A. Expression of sadness. B. Expression of anger. C. Expression of annoyance. D. Expression of surprise. E. Expression of happiness; Gita : You PEMBAHASAN soal TEST ULANGAN bahasa inggris SMP KLS XI BAGIAN 1. “Hey, Azmi. Your team won the 

Soal Ukk Uas 2 Bahasa Inggris Viii Smp Semester 2 Ta...

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soal UKK UAS 2 bahasa inggris VIII SMP Semester 2 TA 2013/2014 kumpulan soal dan Prediksi Ujian Nasional SMP Negeri/Swasta Type Your Additional Description Here!

Soal Bahasa Inggris Xi (2) Sma Ta 2014/2015

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soal bahasa inggris XI (2) SMA TA 2014/2015, Download soal SMA/MA Gratis, soal bahasa inggris XI (2) SMA TA 2014/2015. kumpulan soal dan Prediksi Ujian Nasional SMA/sederajat. Home; About; Kontak. Facebook; Twitter; Google Plus c. I'm sorry , I don't know. 3. Give advice for this problem with the correct expression of offering advice! . The hen was so frightened at the rooster's anger that she threw away the ring immediately.When the hawk came a 

Kumpulan Soal Bahasa Inggris Beserta Kunci...

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kumpulan soal bahasa inggris BESERTA KUNCI JAWABAN I. Choose the suitable expression toplete the short dialogue. 1. .. The Jackal very angry and cannot accept the Lion as his friend anymore. 36.

Ninie Hasib: Expressing Anger And Annoyance (bahasa...

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expressing anger and annoyance (bahasa inggris XI) Tidak jarang para pelajar sekolah ataupun peserta kursus bahasa inggris mendapatkan tugas untuk membuat contoh paragraf dalam Bahas A. KEADAAN RUMAH 

Elisa Putri : Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris

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Contoh soal bahasa inggris. A. Choose a, b, c, or e for the correct answer. Question number 1 to 5 are according to thr text. That Phone is off. Soon after he left collage, Dave found one his uncels who was very rich and had no 

Dunia Oca: Soal-soal Bahasa Inggris Untuk Kelas Xii Sma

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Haiii guysss ini soal-soal bahasa inggris. CHOOSE A, B, C, D or E for the correct answer !!! 1. Man : Why do you look so pale and weak ? Women : I have a painful stomachache. Man : You should go to the doctor. Let i'll apany you Angry 6. Rico : I hate her I saw her watching movie with another man. Dion : You have broken up with her have you? Rico : Of course. The dialogue expresses….. a. Sadness d. Angry b. anger e. Good c. Embarrasment 7. X : Is she 

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