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Chatime Ace Hardware, Sun Plaza, Cambridge, Hermes...

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Gejolak booming milk tea atau bubble tea dulunya mungkin berasal dari mal ini, hanya saja mungkin branding yang kurang kuat akhirnya membuatnya ga bertahan lama. Lalu bagaimana dengan kehadiran Setelah beberapa waktu lalu franchise Taiwan yang sejenis Shihlin masuk ke Medan, Chatime melengkapi di bagian minuman. And that's it! Mereka hanya There are even better bubble tea shops in Singapore like koi or Gong Cha. The hype of Chatime I 

Koi Cafe (50嵐) Vs Gong Cha (贡茶)

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Recently, the Taiwanese bubble tea craze came back again to Singapore, with the entrance of two new players, koi Cafe (50嵐) and Gong Cha (贡茶). Prices are around.

Koi Cafe: The Bubble Tea Craze

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koi bubble tea. I don't get it. I don't get the fuss over koi Cafe's bubble tea, but here I am queuing up for it behind twenty people. Please keep your calm, but I have to confess that this is my first time having bubble tea in Singapore. I know there are i went to taiwan recently and visited their koi equivalent – koi is a franchise from taiwan. there are way more branches, the tea tastes better, is about half sg's price, and no queue – you get your tea in <5min. koi is pretty 

Koi Cafe * Supermerlion

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Lastly, koi Cafe is an overseas franchise from the land of bubble tea, Taiwan. This certainly helps to promote the shop even better. Not only do they bring their working formula and structure to recreate how the bubble teas are 

Ivy's Life: Bubble Tea Fever In Jakarta: Which One You Like Best?

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CHA TIME (franchise from Taiwan). Strong points:es with the most variants among others bubble tea, generous toppings and the richest . koi Strong points: The toppings texture is good. Price range: 14k - 24k (small & medium size). Recommendation: Passion fruit ai-yu jelly, bubble milk tea, chocolate milk tea. Available at: Emporium Pluit, Baywalk. tea CUPS (local) Strong points: They use real tea leaves, no preservatives. Price range: 19k - 25k. Available at: 

Coco Ichibanya Curry House Jakarta

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After koi bubble drink, Hot Star, PAUL Pattisserie, I Love Taimei, Coco Ichibanya is finally opening its first outlet in jakarta! Whoppie! This might came as surprise, but Coco Ichibanya is the biggest curry house franchise in the 

Koi Bubble Tea (amk)

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If you notice the word koi is actually slanted at an angle. Tilt it upright, it represents the chinese word '豆'. Innovative! koi Cafe (Singapore). Here's the menu. koi Menu (some new items spotted). Pardon the bad lightning. Too crowded to take . I want to open up franchise for bubble tea, can you send the details at gargamit_2000@yahoo.com · FoodieFC | July 5 . Hi, let me introduce myself, my name is Stephanie originally from jakarta – Indonesia. I am interested in 

Demam Bubble Tea :)

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Banyak sekali bubble tea brand yang bertebaran di sini seperti Blackball, Cha Time,e Buy, Cha Cha, Ding tea, Gong Cha, 50 LAN, Shiny tea, Georg Peck, Share tea, Coco, koi, Presto tea, Shanca dan lain-lain. Temanku Sebenarnya kami tidak terlalu asing dengan brand ini, sebab kakak ipar suamiku di jakarta bekerja sebagai manager of area dari Chicken Story yang notabene juga memegang franchise dari SHARE tea satu management dengan Kino.

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