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Get Some Insight On Itil Certification

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The increased demand for IT professionals has made the number of people seeking the itil certification increase significantly. This has consequently led to the increase of schools offering the courses. The latest entrants in the 

The Cic Techforum 2007 Experience

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*Bridging Relationships: View from Two Leadership Styles and Cultures” – janda Hankinson and Renee Shuey, Penn State: janda and Renee did an excellent job at capturing the different and unique aspects of their respective leadership roles *itil and the Project Manager – You Can't have one without the Other” – Andrea Stevens, University of Michigan: Good presentation that captured their implementation of itil process improvement; good overview of project 

Itil For A Brighter Career

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itil seeks at equipping professionals with the skills and knowledge needed in successfully managing and running of IT systems. With each and every institution embracing technology, the demand for highly qualified 

Serpihan Kenangan Kristiana

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Jilbab putih baju ungu warna janda. Tetapi sudah ada tanda…. Mengusar laut tak ada beda. Magetan, 27 Januari Asaku binasa di ujung itil putikmu. Haruskah kau ada jika cipta lara. Kemana kubawa kini puing-puing kata


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Content Warning. Some readers of this blog have contacted Google because they believe this blog's content is objectionable. In general, Google does not review nor do we endorse the content of this or any blog. For more information about 


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This video by the folks atpucom provides a jargon free business explanation of the five lifecycle volumes. It is important to understand that Service Management is not about providing IT platform system availability.

Interested In Taking Part In Itil Training On March 12-16th...

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We recently learned that a Finnish ICT ngo ising to Dar in March to give itil training for IET (Institution of Engineers Tanzania) members. The training will be open to others as well so we were thinking of offering the 

Makrifat Tingkat Tinggi

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Tapi anehnya kali ini malah jandanya yang kabur. Suatu ketika dia ditanya sama temannya: ''Tumben, ko malah elu yang kabur, kenapa?'' Sang janda pun menjawab: "Mana tahan, coy! Lah pentil itil gue dibuat zikir!

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