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Semantic mediawiki (abbreviated SMW) is an extension to mediawiki, the wiki application best known for powering Wikipedia; it lets users store data in wiki pages, and query it elsewhere, thus turning a wiki that uses it into a semantic wiki. A large number of other . Retrieved from "". Hidden category: CC BY 3.0 (Attribution 3.0 Germany) · powered by mediawiki · powered by Semantic mediawiki.

Semantic Mediawiki 1.6.0

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Make sure that you include Validator prior to the inclusion of SMW in your LocalSettings.php. Do note that Validatores bundled with SMW releases as of version 1.6.0. If you are obtaining the code via svn, you will need to 

Help:inverse Properties

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Help:Inverse properties. From Jump to: navigation, search Retrieved from "". Category: Semantic mediawiki 


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Register by RSVP here:; Who: Anurag "Archie" Agarwal of MyAppSecurity. Abstract: Join us at 12:00 PM for lunch (Sponsored by MyAppSecurity) 

Using Ipv6 On 2.1 With A Tunnel Broker

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I am assuming here that you have already registered for an account with Hurricane Electric or Sixxs on After registering an account and getting your first /64 IPv6 assigned you can set up the gif tunnel You can find more information about the IPv6 support in the pfSense forum at,52.0.html. World IPv6 Day may have passed, but now you can make every day IPv6 day. Adapted from 

Setting Up Infobox Templates In Mediawiki

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The CSS is available inmon.css. You'll probably need to create the stylesheet – it will be at http://your_wiki/wiki/index.php?title=mediawiki:Common.css&action=edit – and then you can just copy/paste the contents in there. (I copied the whole file; you can probably just copy the infobox parts.) . I also notice that way at the very bottom of this:


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It is the base software Semantic mediawiki is built on, and in active development. Article about mediawiki in Retrieved from "". Hidden category:.

Mediawiki Authentication Using Twitter And Oauth...

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The Dev8D wiki I set up for a recent JISC event uses OAuth to allow people to log in to the wiki using their twitter accounts (or users can register for wiki accounts in the usual way). . header('Location: ./index.php'); to: header('Location: http://[wiki base URL]/index.php/' . $_SESSION['returnto']);. And finally modify: /[wiki root directory]/extensions/oauth/redirect.php. Underneath the line which reads: case 200: add the . Proudly powered by WordPress and Carrington.

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