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Thepany has been a pioneer inponent-based software development since its founding by Jason van Zyl, the creator of the Apache Maven build management system and the Central Repository. March 2013. Topic: What is During his time at Veracode, Chad has lead the redesign and execution of the third-party analysis process to allow for a more streamlined approach while still addressingmon ISV intellectual property concerns. In addition to his 


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Colin Watson is founder of Watson Hall Ltd, based in London, where his work involves the management of application risk, designing defensive measures, building security & privacy in to systems development and keeping abreast of It consists of a local application (supporting Ruby and Python) and a web application (supporting ASP.NET, Java and php). This presentation will cover all the steps required to effectively bypass firewalls protecting web applications, 


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Ankh-Morpork now has the largest dwarf population outside of Überwald and is in fact the Discworld's largest dwarf city. Likewise, Ankh-Morpork is home to probably the only troll crime syndicate on the Discworld, the Breccia.


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He used to be unemployed but now he is really a meter reader but he's always wanted his own home based business. Nevada is where he's Retrieved from "" 


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Presentations of the 2013 chapter meetings are online. The presentations of our 2013 chapter meetings can be downloaded from 

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From OWASP. Jump to: navigation, search. [edit]. home; Downloads; What I did with ESAPI; Glossary; Java EE; Project Details An example: string‐based input validation. There are optionally your own implementations for 

Atlanta Georgia

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We hope that you find historical and future meetings to be of value and show support via a member based contribution. To contribute to OWASP-Atlanta, sign up as an individual member, or support us as a corporate sponsor, please visit: If you are already a member, please don't forget to renew Feb 2011 - Separated by amon Language (business-Geekmunication) · Jan 2011 - OWASP Tool Medley (Tony UV.

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