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Though if there was a simple easy solution to all this we probably would have already implemented it Tombot talk I have no idea about semantic mediawiki the idea sounds good at least but if it isnt practical perhaps some extension to make categories more flexible would help The other Categories dont really work for anything more than an index of article names the default ones are way too restrictive MW extensions of categories still leave stuff to be desired As for bots

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Keep in mind that once your shell drum is depleted the gruesome reloading time will make you a very easy prey and the very thin armor will not save you from any kind of shell as it relies on its mobility as a sort of protection It also has food 43 21 deg s 38100% crew 39 63 deg s Vents 40 52 deg s BiA 41 42 deg s food 43 21 deg s d s 360 400100% crew 400 m Vents 408 57 m BiA 417 14 m food 434 29 m 400100% crew 400 m Vents

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Prevents fall damage Walking on it is slower than walking on soul sand close to ones speed whilst sneaking Crafting recipe 9 slime balls Can be crafted state of the block Door which way it is facing if it is open which half you are looking at if it is powered and what side the hinge is Redstone power direction up down side none for allpass directions north south east west and power level Baby animals sheep pig cow chicken cat dog horse

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Has a tab for easy removal of its wrapper Is perforated on the wrapper for easy peeling Has a biodegradable wrapper Is shaped for the human mouth Is pleasing to the taste buds Is curved towards the face to make the eating process easy Given the range of variation in fruits and vegetables the enormous number of possiblebinations of their attributes and the fact that the foods we eat are almost by definition the ones most suited for our consumption

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1 1 WarioWare Inc Mega Microgame 1 2 WarioWare Inc Mega Party Game 1 3 WarioWare Twisted 1 4 WarioWare Touched 1 5 WarioWare Smooth Moves 1 6 WarioWare D I Y 2 Microgames 3 Game Information

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food Poisoning Consuming spoiled food Can auto cure after several cycles supposedly 1 4 Icon Note For me it auto cured after 2 cycles but if it auto cures im pretty sure it auto cures the same as other diseases You are really weak youre with cat present in the room You have a terrible phobia of cats The sight of them alone puts you on the edge Gives the symptom Fear if Cats Icon Chronic Vertigo Vertigo means that a character is barred from Piloting tasks but can join

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fluff pages Please post any proposed fluff here http baystation12 forums viewtopic php f 5t 767 Meal times are not usually set and the chef feeds people as theye The ship is The Tajaran jaw run singular jaw rah are a humanoid race possessing cat like features Hailing When Plasma was new it was hailed as the new Oil relatively easy to extract required almost no refining and burnt like a Roman candle out of hell Everyone

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Crop farming allows players to plant any of several crop plants on farmland which then grow over time and can be harvested for food This page covers three separate crops all of which share essentially the same growth

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