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homemade antena v2r 144 mhz

Homebrew 2m 144 Mhz Antennas For Amateur Ham Radio

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Homebrew 2m 144 MHz antennas for amateur ham This is a list of designs for any type of 2m 144 MHz homebrew amateur antenna To refine your search to show only Amateur Radio, Antenna Theory, Homebrew Antennas, Hidden and Stealth Antennas, CC&R's, and Antenna restriction. A 5/8 wave antenna on 144 MHz is 15/8 waves on 440. Dummies guide to aircraft antennas that for a frequency of 144 MHz the performance it can give is around 5 MHz whereas larger diameter antennas can .

V-2r Hy-gain

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antennas >>> 2 meter,144 mhz v-2r collinear 2m vertical 138 175 mhz so-239 3 dbd. v-2r: 56.40: 878631: parts pack, v2r/v3r: 24.34: 881-40625c: tube, 5/8x.035w Antena V2R yg ada dibiarkan standar hanya dilakukan setting pada frek.144 mhz Salam buat temen2 yang penasaran dengan antena Hustler G7 144 MHz. Find great deals on eBay for homemade uhf antenna. Style 2 Meter Mtr 70 144 440 MHz VHF ANTENNA HAM GMRS FRS Palmetto Antennas. TRAM BROWNING .

144mhz 2m Portable Yagi Vhf Beam Antenna

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144MHz 2m Portable Yagi VHF Beam Antenna. The dimensions of the 2m beam antenna, centered on 144.4MHz. Some photos of using my original homemade Yagi are below. I stand on a rooftop and tune a handheld multiband radio while tracing the orbit of a satellite or the ISS with my homemade antennas and listening, just Even with high gain antennas, 432-MHz array should be at least equal in size to the 144-MHz antenna, VHF and UHF Antenna Systems 18-3 Populer dengan nama Antena Telex,adalah antena sejuta modifikasi antena telex V2R menjadi hustler G7 dari 2 x 5/8 lambda sa,pai 3 x 5/8 lambda di 144 mhz, .

Hy-gain V-2r

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Hy-Gain V-2R ( VHF Base Amateur Hy-Gain Model: V-2R Frequency: 138 - 175 MHz Gain: 5.2 dBi Type: VHF Vertical : Description: HY-GAIN . V-2R . V2R . VHF . 144 Construction and 4nec2 Model of a 144 MHz Halo Antenna. 144 MHz Halo Antenna 19. 144 MHz Single Halo Antenna 4nec2 Calculations. As the gamma Catalog » Antennas » 144 MHZ BASE » V2R: My Account V-2R HYGAIN V2R [V2R] 9' V-2R 144 MHZ BASE 2m ANTENNA . Shopping Cart: akan mengajak Anda untuk merakit sendiri antena Hustler, yaitu tipe G7 144 MHz. Loading pembalik fasa antena telex V2R & Gazden BIG 5 Ampere Transformator . All information, images, and documents on this website are the sole property of Hygain Any reuse or redistribution of the contents of this website are strictly .

Antenna For 2 Meters

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193 useful links about Antenna projects for 144 MHz collected in Antennas/2M at The DXZone. 2M Antenna projects for 144 MHz. Homemade microwave spectrum analyze MY Homemade 2X8 elements LFA 2X8 LFA MOON ANTENNA FOR 144 MHz BY IV3MUR ( G0KSC project MY EME LFA PORTABLE ANTENNA FOR 144 MHz aku merencanakan sebuah eksperimen untuk ngorek antena V2R pada frek.144 mhz. kepada para ahli antena yg ada disini 2. pada ujung antena V2R diatas akan DUAL-BAND ANTENNA FOR 146/446 MHZ This nifty project by Wayde Bartholomew, K3MF (ex-WA3WMG), first Antennas 22.59 antenna vertically, about 5 to 10 ft above.

Vhf 5/8wave Vertical Antennas- On6mu

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VHF 5/8wave vertical antennas RE-A144V58/1 By Guy, de ON6MU. Both types of 144 Mhz 5/8 wave antenna's described here has the same radiationpattern and gain, 2 Meter Antennas for directional, 144 MHz. This antenna is peaked for 144.2 MHz but performance is still good at 146.52 (emergency use only!) Driven Cheap Yagi Antennas for VHF/UHF by Kent Britain, WA5VJB edited by John Maca, AB5SS software, he has developed several variations for 144 thru 1296 MHz. Hygain V2R Antenna. Add To Favourites. Delete Favorite. Report this Content. Minimum Order 1; Country Origin Indonesia; Categories Antenna; Last Updated 14 Dec 2015.

Pdf Ground-plane Antennas For 144, 222 And 440 Mhz

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Fig23—These drawings illustrate the dimensions for the 144-MHz ground-plane antenna. Ground-plane Antennas for 144, 222 and 440 MHz Author: ARRL Created Date: The design is peaked at 144.2 MHz, but performance is still good at 1296 MHz This antenna is the veteran of several "Grid Peditionst' and has measured 13.5 dBi on sub categories. antennas: product id: product description: hf antenna, rotatable dipole, 30 or 40 meter: 15 elements 144-146 mhz beam horizontally 14.2 dbd The designer has since modified the antenna to optimise performance at 143 MHz and to allow use of readily measured SWR is 1.1:1 at 144.300MHz and well under 1.5 .

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