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homemade antena v2r 144 mhz

Hy-gain V-2r

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Hy-Gain V-2R ( VHF Base Amateur Specification: Brand: Hy-Gain Model: V-2R Frequency: 138 - 175 MHz Gain: 5.2 dBi HY-GAIN . V-2R . V2R . VHF . 144 MHz Antenna collinear for repeater vhf home made. cocoa a collinear coaxial array, collinear 144 homemade. coaxial collinear antenna 144 mhz. I stand on a rooftop and tune a handheld multiband radio while tracing the orbit of a satellite or the ISS with my homemade to TX on the 144 Mhz The Antenna Farm : High Gain VHF Antennas Manufacturer Laird Technologies Product Description 144-174 MHz 3dB 5/8 Wave Frequency (MHz) 144 SUB CATEGORIES. ANTENNAS: Product ID: Product Description: Price: 144-168 MHZ, SO-239: $39.95: GPG-2B: 5/8 WAVELENGTH GROUND PLANES 2M 142-168MHZ SO-239: $49.95 The Antenna Farm : High Gain Dual Band Antennas Bands: 144/440 MHz Gain dBi: 2.15dBi (440MHz) Max Power Rating: 50W FM (Total) Height: 15.5 VHF 2 Element Beam. FANTASTIC FOR PORTABLE OR PERMANENT USE Assembles and disassembles quickly! 144-148 MHz Two Meter Ham Band 150-156 MHz MURS..

Ground-plane Antennas For 144, 222 And 440 Mhz

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Ground-plane Antennas for 144, 222 and 440MHz Ground-plane Antennas for 144, 222 and 440 MHz Author: ARRL Created Date: 2/23/2000 10:04:07 AM Some photos of using my original homemade Yagi are SWR ranges from 2.2 at 144 MHz to 1.9 at Phil Rosser on 144MHz 2m Portable Yagi VHF Beam Antenna; Archives Elk Antennas was started to give the Ham the best Log Periodic antennas with the best gain, directivitiy, 220 MHz is a popular, but often less crowded band.VHF 5/8wave vertical antennas RE-A144V58/1 By Guy, de ON6MU. Both types of 144 Mhz 5/8 wave antenna's described here has the same radiationpattern and gain, Details on an indoor vhf delta loop stealth antenna for both transmit and receive that you can build cheap. [frequency in Mhz.] 145.11/144.51 WR2AHL Repeater.VHF Ground Planes; VHF 2 Element Beam; VSWR:

Antenna Base – Page 3 – Jual Ht Murah

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2014 Categories Antenna Base Tags ANTENA HY GAIN V2R, Antenna HY Gain V2R, 144 MHz. • Gain: 7 dB • Maximum Power: 1 KW FM • Bandwidth: 4 MHz. • VSWR: MY Homemade 2X8 elements LFA with full elevation. 2X8 LFA MOON ANTENNA FOR 144 MHz BY IV3MUR ( G0KSC project ). IV3MUR. Subscribe Subscribed HY-GAIN DB-2345 144 - 148 / 420 - 450 MHz Dual Band Yagi - 3 Elements VHF / 5 Elements UHF - SO-239. Items: 0 . No Items Go Shopping! Toggle navigation. Home 144/440 BASE MFJ's dual band 144/440 ground planet Electronics: See all NEW Amateur Ham Radio Workman UVS-300 144 / 440 MHz Dual Band Base Antenna. by A 5/8 wave antenna on 144 MHz is 15/8 waves on 440. If you do the simple math you will see that on 440 you will have almost a 2 wavelength antenna, which is a homebrew coaxial dipole built from a The one shown is for 440 MHz but it can readily be scaled for 146 or 220 MHz. For homebrew vertical VHF antennas,.

Amateur Radio : Membuat Antena G7 144 Mhz

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Kali ini kami akan mengajak Anda untuk merakit/bikin sendiri antena Hustler, yaitu tipe G7 144 MHz. Antena hustler panjangnya adalah 3 X 5/8 atau 3 X DIY 4G LTE Yagi Antenna in 10 Steps for $10 There are many online resources that describe how to create homemade Yagis for VHF (787 MHz design 144 MHz Driven Element: All versions Ref 3 Element Length 41.0 42 1 MHz Vestigial SideBand Video is popular in North Texas for receiving the FM video inputC ONSTRUCTION OF A N EW J-P OLE A NTENNA FOR 2m the J is an excellent candidate for a base station on the popular 144 to 148 MHz band, [MHz] = 19-3/16" Homemade warc vertical antenna. diagrama para antena de antena 2 m yagi free, homemade fractal antenna Homemade warc vertical antenna. 144 mhz vertical Home-brew Compact 6dBi Collinear Antenna Easy Homemade 2.4 GHz Omni Antenna. Credits. All photos are copyright. last updated 22 Oct 2013 [ MartyBugs home .

Phasing Coil 144 Mhz U. V2r Hygain

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PHASING COIL 144 mhz u. V2R HYGAIN PHASING COIL 5/8 wave. Penambah db_gain antena 2M. SWR dulu antena V2R nya sesuai Frekuensi yg dihendaki, Cheap Yagi Antennas for VHF/UHF by Kent Britain, WA5VJB edited by John Maca, AB5SS software, he has developed several variations for 144 thru 1296 MHz.Find great deals on eBay for 2 Meter Mobile Antenna in Plotter Ham and Amateur Radio Antennas. Primarily designed for 144.200 Mhz for SSB and CW operations.Find great deals on eBay for 2 Meter Base Antenna in Plotter Ham and Amateur Radio Antennas. Primarily designed for 144.200 Mhz for SSB and CW operations.Build this Cheap and Easy Satellite Downlink Antenna homemade, handheld 440 MHz Yagi antenna. painlessly acquire the 440 MHz downlinkMenbuat Antena Yagi 2m kita akan membuat antenna elements berupa Reflector dan Director Yagi untuk bekerja pada 144 MHz membuat antena G7 144 Mhz Antena .

144 Mhz Halo Antenna Construction & Nec Model

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Adjust the open end gap for lowest SWR at 144.5 MHz CM 144 MHz Halo Antenna NEC model by Carol F. Milazzo, KP4MD CM Horizontal HyGain V2-R product reviews by real people like you. 3 dBd gain 9 foot base vertical for 144-148 MHz SWR is virtually flat from 222-225 MHz, Tram 1154 Black VHF Land Mobile and Ham Radio Magnet 5/8 Wave Pre-Tuned 140-175 MHz Antenna for Motorola Kenwood Frequency: 144/430Mhz (2M / 70CM)The beam was designed for a resonant frequency of 144.3000 MHz at a drive impedance of 50 (144 / 430 MHz) RX only: 120 (Air Band) 2014 Categories Antenna Base Tags ANTENA HY GAIN V2R, ANTENNA, HY GAIN, HY GAIN V2R, JUAL RADIO KOMUNIKASI, RPM HAM RADIOA antena directiva Yagi alimentada com T match e balun relação 4:1 apresenta ROE de 1.2:1 em 144 e 145 MHz. As dimensões desta antena são calculadas por .

Homebrew 2m 144 Mhz Antennas For Amateur Ham Radio

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Homebrew 2m 144 MHz antennas for amateur ham radio Add comments . This is a list of designs for any type of 2m 144 MHz homebrew amateur antenna8 Element Quad for 145 Mhz 8 elements quad antenna for 2 meters band, 13 elements Yagi antenna for 144 MHz DJ9BV yagi antenna for 2 meters band Antenna projects A 5/8 wave J-pole antenna, Building And Tuning 2 Meter 144 Mhz Copper J Pole Antenna - Duration: ANTENA MA-6000 - Duration: 177 useful links about antennas for vhf and uhf radio bands collected in Antennas/VHF UHF by project for the 144 MHz band elements homemade DK7ZB yagi Sudah Tersedia Antenna Hustler G6, G7, dan G9 144 MHz Lokal….. 01 Okt. pak kalau pembalik fase untuk antena v2r ada,,dan brp harganya,,,(0817363220) Balas . (Mhz) 144.300 LAMBDA 2077.56 mm or 81.794 ins DIPOLE 982.69 mm or 38.688 ins DIPOLE DIAMETER 4.765 mm or 0.187 ins .

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