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English Lets Go !: Expression Dialogues (anger, Annoyance...

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Expression Dialogues (Anger, Annoyance, Embrassement, Love and Sadness). Created by : 1. Faizal Sidiq Widayanto (12). 2. Mutiara Dewi (20). 3. Nabilla Arum Septirani (21). 4. Suci Susilawati (27). XI SCIENCE ONE 

Expressing Embrassment, Expressing Annoyance, And...

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Expressing Embrassment, Expressing Annoyance, And Expressing Anger. Situation : Yesterday, my friend borrowed my book to looked my homework, but he left my book in his house. So, my teacher punished me. Dialogue :.

Expressingembarrassment, Expressing Anger...

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I will take it tomorrow. The underline sentence in the dialogue above is the example of how to express anger. C. Expressing Annoyance. Expressing annoyance is expressing the feeling of being annoyed. Expressing annoyed 

The Right Way To Get Angry

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Research overwhelmingly indicates that feeling angry increases optimism, creativity, effective performance—and research suggests that expressing anger can lead to more successful negotiations, in life or on the job. who hid the anger they felt in response to an unjust attack subsequently found themselves more likely to get bronchitis and heart attacks, and were more likely to die earlier than peers who let their anger be known when other people were annoying.

Expression Of Love, Ambarassment, Sadness...

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No. Kind Of Expression. Expression. Dialog. 1. Expression of love. Expression of Love: * I love you. * I love you from the bottom of my heart. * I really love you. * I love you so much. * I must love it. * You are my everything. . Uli : why ? where is my book, I need it now. Wiwi : I'am sorry, I'am forget. Uli : what you say ? You really make me angry. wiwi : I'am really sorry. Uli : I'am really upset now. 4. Expression of sadness. Expression: * I'm Oh no/ oh dear! * feeling blue.

Expressions Of Anger, Embarrassment And Annoyance...

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Langsung saja, expression of anger adalah ungkapan kemarahan, expression of embarrashment adalah ungkapan rasa malu, dan expression of annoyance adalah ungkapan rasa terganggu. Paham kan sobat? 5. You are pathetic 6. You really make me angry 7. I really hate 8. I'm not pleased at all 9. What displeasure! 10. Bloody hell! Expressing Anger Dialogue Mother : God…..What is this? What did you do with my skirt, Bi Ijah?? Bi Ijah : Sorry, Ma'am, I burned it.

Jenis Expression Beserta Contoh Dialogue

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Annoying! 4. Disappointing! 5. Frustrating! Expressing Dissatisfaction Dialogue Paul : Have you read today's newspaper? James : Not yet. Is it interesting? Paul : Yes, the apology from the company. Take a look. The paper is over there. James : (Picking up the newspaper . Expressing Anger: Expressing a strong feeling which makes you want to hurt someone or be unpleasant because of something unfair or hurtful that has happened. • Expressing anger is used to 

Liyone.: Expression Embarrassment, Anger, And Annoyance

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Expressing Anger Dialogue. Mother : God..What is this? What did you do with my skirt, Bi Ijah?? Bi Ijah : Sorry, Ma'am, I burned it. Mother : Again! It has been four times you did it. You are such pain in the neck. Bi Ijah : I said 

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