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Stab Exclusive: Soli Bailey, Indonesian Insight

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Accomo in Indo. Elaborate. Oh man, there's so many pit joints. But if you stay in the worst, it can't getting any worse than the worst. Go with the expectation that you'll stay anywhere to get good waves. Whates with it is worth the waves. What's your worst? If your airs aren't high and tweaked out or inverted there's no point. A big rail turn still has a .. Kolohe Andino's Mayhem Sub-Scorcher II. Kolohe has new board! Biolos heads to Australia to shape! 21 Jan 2013 

Sumba 2013

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Sumba134. We're the only ones here and it seems kind of surreal to be surfing such incredible waves with no one else around. Reminds me of surfing G Land and Desert Point by myself back in the 70's and 80's. sumba132.

Ceningan Point

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English (Translate this text in English): This wave breaks out of VERY deep water, it's always bigger than any of the other spots on Lembongen and is worth checking if nowhere else is breaking. . By Anonymous , 04-04-2013. Shit wave, good place to lose your wallet. - There are two restaurants at the break where you park your bikebut be WARNED! Valuables go missing very easily if left anywhere near those places. The punk kids that serve overpriced food will of course deny all 

Etf Tipping Point- Kirt Christensen Claims 6.23%

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Does anyone know about Kirt Christensen and his ETF Tipping Point methodology and subcription service? He claims be able to produce a 6.25% Monthly return. It seems to be too good to be true http://etftippingpoint.com/ 

How To Cook Perfect Chocolate Fondants

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Photograph: Felicty Cloake. Someone else who's eaten their fair share of fondants over the past few years is John Torode, who takes Michel's place at MasterChef HQ when its ordinary folk, rather than culinary professionals, trying to CHANGE THEIR LIVES. Spoon into the prepared moulds, stopping just shy of the top – at this point the mixture can be refrigerated until needed, or even frozen, as the puddings will not wait around once cooked. 4. Put on to a hot baking 

What Is It Like To Be On A Book Cover? Meet Hayley, Slated...

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Nancy Paulsen Books cover, published Jan 2013 in the US and Canada. As you can see, the same fabulous image was used on both covers: but who is the girl behind the green . It go to the point where i closed my eyes and she counted to three and on three I would open and keep my eyes open as long as possible while Nirrimi took as many photos as possible. I think roughly for this shoot 3000 photos were taken and only 5 were actually used! Thanks SO much to 

Ozzie Wright Pumps And Manta Ray Jumps, Indo

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Ozzie didn't see the manta ray and nobody else did because he was further down the line at Racetracks – I showed him the footage and he had no idea. He's been riding this tiny little twin fin the whole trip that actually looks 

Web Undian Telkomsel Poin? Hati-hati Penipuan!!

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