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Do do know that one of the sticking points to reach an agreement was that, what if Iran is using "peaceful" atomic energy as a cover for NPP's producing nuclear materials for bombs? But no, in effect, the money is used for something else. . geared to follow the sun and focus the light on a metal tank filled with water. (boiling the water-no nukes needed) I'm not an engineer but with a hundred million people unemployed it seems like something to do. Indo-planet…

Kelly Slater And Adriano Shine At The Oi Rio Pro: Round One...

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Despite training camps with Pat O, John John Florence went down to Wiggolly Dantas (who actually ditched his board at one point). . Puerto, Indo and Japan should all be on the tour. What else can we ask for, kids?

Dienekes' Anthropology Blog: Indo-europeans Galore

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What is it specifically about Tocharian itself that forces us to locate its origin north of the Caucasus and nowhere else? @Grey: "If hunter-gatherers in a region have a pop. density of n .. Scythians were an Iron-Age phenomenon, not Chalcolithic." That's my point, actually. I re-phrase it: "There was no such thing as nomadic pastoralism until Iron Age and Scythians". I can't imagine Don-Dnieper pig-breeders being Nomads. Tuesday, February 26, 2013 12:21:00 p.m..

Eurogenes Blog: Ancient Dna Points To The Eurasian Steppe...

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How much ANE did Raghavan 2013 estimate for Karitiana? (who has too many personal interests invested in a book she published just before those results and whose ultimate "archaeological" reasoning is also extremely problematic and not accepted by anyone else I know of), feel free. .. About the link in the Article there are various references for Zarzian migrations to the Urals the important one is from Bernard Sergent's data from his book (Les Indo-Européens.

Eurogenes Blog: Yamnaya Genomes Are A 50/50 Mix Of...

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If anything the surprise is that they only account for half of the ancestry, needing something else. If part of the Corded Ware spoke Indo European, then most eastern kurgans of 2000bce and onwards could have (in my opinion) derived from the Corded Ware, and hence have no need for Yamnaya Ydna. Anyways, there is a study, Brotherton 2013, that I criticized with some good reason but that can still be very interesting from the viewpoint of your question.


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Don't worry about it. Joey asked me (Matt) to read and introduce his post, so here is my gut reaction. Joey's post comes across like “general Christian teaching and wisdom”, and while I agree completely with all his points, I really don't care.

The Arms Trade Is Big Business

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Author and Page information. by Anup Shah; This Page Last Updated Saturday, January 05, 2013. This page: World Military Spending Out Does Anything Else; Arms sales figures. Global Arms Sales By Supplier Nations; Global Arms Sales Trends 2004-2011 .. In quoting a major international body, six basic points harshly criticizing the practices and impacts of the arms industry are listed below, by J.W. Smith: That the armament firms have been active in fomenting 

Neanderthals, Denisovans And Everything Else

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Nature 2013. Pay per view → LINK [doi:10.1038/nature12886]. The story of a finger and a toe. Both the Denisovan and Neanderthal DNA sequences discussed in this paper come from small bones found at the same location: Instead the finger mtDNA (Denisovan) was derived from a more ancient branch of humankind than the very point of split between Neanderthals and modern humans (H. sapiens) and has been recently shown to be related to European H.

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