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Razer Blade 2013: Now This Is How You Make A Damn...

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Extended sessions also didn't cause any slowdown to framerates in-game, which is nice for anyone who's ever had to prop up their laptop and point a fan at it to keep a game running for more than 30 minutes. Razer Blade 2013: Now This Is How You Make a puter that is somehow also a decent value. Get it if you're looking at getting a nice laptop to game on that you can use for just about anything else, too, without breaking your back or your bank account.

Jadson Andre Eliminated During Broadcasted Kelly Slater...

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What we witnessed was Kelly in the kind of blistering form we haven't seen since the business round of the 2013 Volcom Fiji Pro. He rode waves Gabby made almost 45 points on 5 waves, and that was just when the swell was starting to fill in. best single day of contest surfing ever i'm claiming. average heat score had to be north of 18.5 points. B King . Probably pooping somewhere else… NEGATRON . A Sequence You'll Love: Mitch Coleborn shucks, Indo.

The Top 6 Waves From The Billabong Pro, Tahiti (day 1...

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No one else out there today would have even looked at that one, maybe JJF, Owen, or Wilko. Bring back Cory, AI . Lot of longer barrels ridden for less points, the big west bowls were the big scorers and it was pretty evident who was capable of riding them and who either wasn't or wasn't interested. . Gallery: A Volcom Indo Invasion! “It's crazy Quiksilver downsizes (bigtime). That gravy train certainly ain't a waterfall no more. Just ask Balaram Stack. 27 Feb 2013 

The 52% 'consensus'

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Posted on November 10, 2013 | 373ments. by Judith Curry . David Springer | November 10, 2013 at 5:12 pm |. I'll bet dollars against .. Then you can look at the Oppo 2009 indo-pacific warm pool reconstruct which has an excellent fit with the instrumental oscillations and that recovery pattern extends to 1700 in that reconstruction. There is pretty much no way .. The Super-Volcanicpensation and Super-OHC recovery terms are not your standard Gates discussion points :).

Dan Loeb's Skeletons

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Besides Michael Brown, Whom Else Does The New York Times Call “No Angel”? December 2013 After Third Point had become thepany's largest shareholder, Loeb sent his Sotheby's letter on October 2 to William F. Ruprecht, the widely respected chairman and chief executive officer, who has been at the auction house for 33 years. Arguing that Sotheby's suffered from “a lack of leadership and strategic vision at its highest levels,” Loeb then blasted Ruprecht 

The Fragmenting Fsa

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BY Kirk H. Sowell; SEPTEMBER 3, 2013. Share +. Twitter Facebook Google + Reddit. al Qaeda · Syria · Middle East. As the United States moves closer to taking military action against the Syrian government, the leadership of the mainstream 

Is Leftist School Indoctrination Unstoppable?

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February 27, 2013 by Bruce Thornton 79ments. Bruce Thornton is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at Everything else Limbaugh mentions is made possible because of the deep corruption in public education from kindergarten to university. We often focus on the ideological biases Thus the progressive ideology metastasizes throughout the educational system, determining the curriculum, the textbooks, and the point of view of the teachers. At that level the ideas may be garbled, 

Maximize Monday: What Will 60000 Chase Ultimate Rewards

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Or 21,960 points plus $10. Screen shot 2013-06-16 at 5.49.40 PM. That's just under 1.9 cents per point – but with your sign-up bonus alone, you would almost have enough points for 3 of these tickets – almost $1,200 in value. 3. Hyatt Redemptions One of my favorite other . Charge cards give cardholders a lot more spending power, but require full payment every month or else you get hit with high fees and penalties. Credit cards generally have pre-set limits, but if 

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