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download datapack pes 2013 playstation3 via mediafire

Update Patch Terbaru Pes 2013 Untuk Console Ps3...

Diterbitkan pada Monday, 30 September 2013 Pukul 15.40

Banyak orang yang memainkan pes 2013 dengan mengeluh karena ketika dimainkan patch pada datapack 1 masih sangat tidak bagus. Seperti v2.5 http://www.mediafire.com/download/5grqzmc90k90t93/paul2478_PES_2013_OF_v2.5.rar.

Pes 2015 Ps3 Paul2478 Option File 11 January 2015

Diterbitkan pada Monday, 12 January 2015 Pukul 8.45

BLUS http://www.mediafire.com/download/rh42aklj2wc1vwo/paul2478_PES2015_OF_(Jan11)_(BLUS).rar option file paul278 for pes 2015 ps3, PES 2015 PS3 paul2478 Option File 11 January 2015, BLUS pes 2015 edit data, datapatch pes2015 ps3, patch pes 2015 ps3 plus, PES 2015 PS3 paul2478 option file, patch untuk pes 2015 ps3, primeiros option files do paul para pes 2015, Paul you have to extract the file using a zip/ rar file opener. download winzip.

Paul2478 Pes 2014 Ps3 Of Bles/blus/blas V2.8

Diterbitkan pada Monday, 21 July 2014 Pukul 15.26

Latest Full File v1.0-2.6 http://www.mediafire.com/download/jg6rg61yzujv43k/paul2478_PES_2014_OF_Latest_Full_File_(v2.6)_(BLUS).rar . First make sure you have the latest DLC, then download the the option file & extract it using WinRAR. option file pes 2014 ps3 blus, update pes 2013 ps3 2014, option file paul pes 2014 ps3, patch pes 2013 ps3 paul, pes edit 2014 blas, Data pack pes 2015 blus, pes 2013 ps3 download 7zip, download pes2014 option file 

Pes 2014 Ps3 Of V1.7 By Paul2478

Diterbitkan pada Wednesday, 18 December 2013 Pukul 17.15

pes 2014 patch ps3, pes 2014 ps3 download, patch pes 2014 ps3 download, ps3 pes 2012, pro evolution soccer 2014 patch ps3, pro evolution soccer 2014 patch ps3 download, how to download pes 2014 kits from ps3, pes patch 2014 30 December 2013 at 02:49. Hmm, i uploaded the latest Data Pack – I now have the names of the teams, all the new people. Got the Champion league teams as well. But weird, i have the old logos, and no proper team strips etc.

Konami Release Pes 2013 Data Pack 500 + Patch 104...

Diterbitkan pada Thursday, 25 April 2013 Pukul 8.22

Thursday, April 25, 2013. Konami released PES 2013 DLC (Data Pack) 5.00. You can download PES 2013 Data Pack 5.00 via the 'Information > Data Pack Update' submenu in PES 2013. PES 2013 Data Pack 5.00's biggest feature is the addition of all 40 participants of Copa Libertadores 2013 with up-to-date squads and kits. The UEFA Champions League The Data Pack 5.0 will be released on the 25th of April, 2013, for PES 2013 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. It will update the Copa 

Download Pes 2013 Dlc 6.00

Diterbitkan pada Tuesday, 21 May 2013 Pukul 11.46

PES 2013 DLC 6.00. pes 2013 dlc 6.0. Some of the PES players have found a problem in the installation of the Data Pack 5.0 before patch 1.4 so that all teams updated the Copa Santander Libertadores were displayed with the name Austria. PES 2013 Data Pack 6.0 only correct the bug of the Copa new content to Pro Evolution Soccer 2013. To solve the problem, Konami has released the Data Pack 6.0 available from today on May 21 on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Pes 2015 Ps3 Paul2478 Option File 15 Feb. 2015

Diterbitkan pada Sunday, 15 February 2015 Pukul 13.20

To save time this update only includes the new files, so before adding it you need to make sure you have the previous update (Jan11), then download the Data Pack, then add the new files. download option file pes 2015 3 0, pes 2013 option file february 2015, option file pes 2015 terbaru februari 2015, patch pes 2015 terbaru ps3, blus pes 2015, data pach pes 2015 ps3, download save data pes 2013 ps3, patch I've successfully copy the files into PS3 via USB.

Pes 2013 Ps3 Bles Of Update 2014/2015 Season

Diterbitkan pada Friday, 24 October 2014 Pukul 10.43

The patch is made by me Edvinos22, Enjoy. Copy the Folder PS3 To a Usb Stick and then Copy all Files to PS3. Data pack 6.00 compatible. uploaded zippyshare mediafire. update 27.10.2014: bug fixes. mediafire 

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