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A Developing Story

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I set about intermittently heating and cooling the stud and manifold around it while applying penetrating oil (Kroil) for 2 days. Not expecting this to work (as it turns out it didn't), I also went after the gasket with a metal putty knife 

Cooler Box 35l Marina Merk Lion Star

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Misi agan-agan Nubi mau jual cooler BOX marina MERK LION STARalesan jual karna kegedean di pake gan, ane beliin buat nyokap dan ternyata kegedean. baru di pake.

Early 80's A4's Block Deck Blister/bubble @ Frwd Stud Hole...

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After recent purchase of our 3rd Newport, a '77, we had numerous engine failures bringing it home to it's Long Beach, Ca. marina. Thus far, we have replaced water cooling jacket plate & it's accessory parts; impellar in water 

Cooler Box

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marina cooler Box adalah cooler Box ukuran kecil, biasa digunakan sebagai Ice Box, Vaccine Carrier dan Fish Box. Karena bentuknya yang kecil dan simpel, maka marina cooler Box ini sangat praktis sekali untuk dibawa-bawa kemana 

Exhaust Leak In Cooling System, Power Loss?

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I don't use a bypass valve but if I clamp down to force water through side jacket there is no problem. In 2008 I did an the picture by MC shows the pin clearly thru the end of tghe crank just about horizontal. they call it a spring pin. i would hold off on the electronic ignition until the distributor issue is settled. timing can be set in or out of the water, but i like it best with the engine running. you need to eliminate the possibility that your centrifugal advance has gone amuck.

Lion Star Plastic

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I8, Rice Ice Bucket 12.5lt. I14, Rice Ice Bucket 20lt. I20, Rice Ice Bucket 33lt. I21, Rice Ice Bucket 38lt. I15, marina cooler Box 6lt. I16, marina cooler Box 12lt. I17, marina cooler Box 18lt. I18, marina cooler Box 24lt. I19, marina cooler Box 35lt.

How Long Can A4 Run Dry Wthout Damage?

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This will distribute bits of rubber impeller throughout the cooling jacket, and be a nasty job to clean out. I think your . Can anyone confirm if my original Delco distributor #s are correct; or what correct are if I am wrong?

Replacing Marine Manifolds And Risers

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The spark plugs. Another sign that your manifolds may be failing is your engine overheating at high R.P.M.s. This usually means that you have a blocked water-jacket that is not cooling the engine exhaust and thus causing the engine to overheat at high R.PM.s due to a restriction causing the exhaust to rise slowly. . In November, I repaced the risers, plugs, distributor, cables, had the manifolds, pistons, and head inspected and repaced all the gaskets. I had less than 

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