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On the way to my mom's place I called the Police station and spoke to the coloured cop who told me that they don't know why but my sister's husband has decided to turn himself in, he said he will be going to court on Tuesday, 


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gona prepare for my test..=[. 20 . 2 . 11. Finally Chinese New Year is end.T.T so stop playing and must more hardworking on my study lerrr.=( tis year CNY is very sienzzz larrr , din go any special place play 2 but got 

The Diary: Gonna Be There Lyrics

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My ship had sailed, then I saw her dance. She said 'come on over, the night is young'. My friend here's a lady, then we'd begun. If there's a chance to see you again. I'm gonna be, gonna be, gonna be there. If there's a chance 


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“Sir that's a serious charge. We did not blackmail anyone and they will need to prove that we did in any way because if they fail I am going to sure the shit out of them!” Lindiwe said going into fighter mode. She really was a 


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This woman was going to give her a heart attack at some point! Its weird because my mother is a quiet person. I always say this, quiet people are scary because they have potential to be serial killers! I have never heard of a 

The Diary: Gonna Be There

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Gonna Be There. March 2011. It was Friday night. I was on my way to see my friend Sani DJ at the Ivy Pool Bar, which she does every weekend. However, I missed the ferry from Manly to the city, so I had 45mins to wait until 

Au Diary: Gonna Wait Till The Midnight Hour

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AU diary: Gonna Wait Till The Midnight Hour. Mark Serrels 8 November 2010 5:30 PM. Share Discuss Bookmark. So it seems like there's a bit of a split here. In the one corner you have those that want nothing to do with Black Ops, let alone a 

Gona Start A Food Diary! Help Appreciated :)

Diterbitkan pada Tuesday, 9 February 2010 Pukul 20.04

Heya been at this SW stuff for a while now but go off track quite often OOPS! already do a food diary at home but gona try doing it online see if it.

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