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Narrative text : Snow White. snow-white. Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Snow White. She lived with her aunt and uncle because her parents were dead. One day she heard her uncle and aunt talking about leaving Snow . sangkuriang untuk membuatkan danau dan perahu dalam semalam. tetapi sangkuriang tidak bisa menyanggupi dan marah dengan membalikkan perahu yang setengah jadi. perahu itu konon menjadi gunung tangkuban perahu.

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It felt over and became the mountain of tangkuban perahu Bandung. Terjemahan. Sangkuriang. Pada suatu hari di sebuah kerajaan di Tanah Priangan. Tinggal keluarga bahagia. Mereka adalah ayah dalam bentuk anjing, 

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What is Narrative text ??? Narrative is an account of a sequence of events, usually in chronological order. Relating to kinds of text, which student has toplete studying in high school, narrative is a text which retells the story or previous experiences. The purpose of the text is to entertain or The Legend of tangkuban perahu. The Story of Lake Toba. Fable What is fabel? dialogue develops action and characters. 11. Tense may change within the dialogue.

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Contoh / Example of Narrative text in the "Legend of tangkuban perahu". Label Narrative text. 6ments. The Story of Sangkuriang and tangkuban perahu Mountain. Once, there was a kingdom in Priangan Land. Lived a happy family.

The Legend Of Mount

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The Legend Of Mount “tangkuban perahu” – Narrative text Legend. Posted on September 7, 2010 by indonesiakutercinta. Once upon a time in west Java, Indonesia lived a wise king who had a beautiful daughter. Her name was Dayang 

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Narrative text isanized focusing at character oriented. It is build using descriptive familiar language and dialogue. There are some genres of literary text which fit to be classified as the narrative text. Some of them are:.

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Cerita Rakyat Bahasa Inggris : tangkuban perahu. One upon a time, there was a mouse deer living in a forest. Although he was small, he wasn't afraid of the other bigger animals who wanted to eat him. He was so smart; he always managed 

The Legend Of Downside Boat ( Tangkuban Perahu ) In English

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Long time ago in west java, there lived a woman named Dayang Sumbi. She lived alone and she was thirsting for a husband or a live-friend. One day when quilting, her quilt fell off from her house. Then, she prayed to the God, 

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