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Materi Xi Ipa : Bahasa Inggris Semester 2

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Bahasa Inggris Semester 2. NARRATIVE TEXT. (LEGEND AND MYTH). I. SPOKEN CYCLE. A. BUILDING KNOWLEDGE OF FIELD. Speech Function. Expressing Love. Practice the dialogue below! Dea : Have you ever gone to Sanur beach? It was known Tangkuban Perahu, at the northern of Bandung, West Java. Text 2. Once upon a time there lived a kind-heated man and his wife. One morning, his wife found a poor little sparrow. She took it gently and fed it.

Have Fun With "narrative Text"

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What is Narrative Text ??? Narrative is an account of a sequence of events, usually in chronological order. Relating to kinds of text, which student has to complete studying in high school, narrative is a text which retells the story or previous experiences. The purpose of the text is to entertain or The Legend of Tangkuban Perahu. The Story of Lake Toba. Fable What is fabel? Dialogue develops action and characters. 11. Tense may change within the dialogue.

Contoh Narative The Legend Of Tangkuban Perahu

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Notes on Narrative Text It is important to know that the social function of the narrative text is to inform and entertain. Narrative text will tell the story with amusing way. It provides an esthetic literary experience to the reader. Narrative text is written based on life experience. In literary term, experience is what we do, feel, hear, read, even what we dream. Narrative text is organized focusing at character oriented. It is build using descriptive familiar language and dialogue.

Enjoy My Blog: Contoh Dialog Legend Bahasa Inggris

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Cerita ini menceritakan bagaimana asal usul gunung tangkuban perahu. BIla ada kesalahan grammar dan sebagainya, mohon dimaklumi, namanya juga masih belajar. THE LEGEND OF TANGKUBAN PERAHU. Long time ago in West Java, 

Contoh / Example Of Narrative Text In The "legend Of...

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Contoh / Example of Narrative Text in the "Legend of Tangkuban Perahu". Label Narrative Text. 8 comments. The Story of Sangkuriang and Tangkuban Perahu Mountain. Once, there was a kingdom in Priangan Land. Lived a happy family.

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The dialogues or questions will be spoken two times. They will . To avoid the marriage, Dayang Sumbi give condition to make lake and a boat but she tricked it and he kicked the boat and became moutain of Tangkuban Perahu. . What is the text about . a. The shop product. b. The company of soap. c. The compaign of hand- washing. d. Unicef's product. e. Angolian singer. 29. 700 paticipating schools . The word' participate has the same meaning as ___ . a.

Contoh Narrative Text Malin Kundang Dalam Bahasa...

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Biasanya legenda adalah cerita pendek dan tradisional yang dilakukan dalam mode percakapan atau dialog. Contoh legenda adalah Sangkuriang, Malin Kundang,Legend of Tangkuban Perahu (Legenda Tangkuban 

3 Contoh Dialog Percakapan 5 Orang Dalam Bahasa Inggris

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3 Contoh Dialog Percakapan Antara 5 Orang Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Artinya Super Lengkap Hanya Di KBI. Jane : How about going to Bandung? We can see Tangkuban Perahu Mountain and visit the Trans Studio. Ruby : That is a great idea! I agree with you! John : If Ruby agree, I also agree with that Contoh Soal Question Tags dan Jawabannya Sep 17, 2015. Contoh Narrative Text Dalam Bahasa Inggris Tentang Keong Mas Beserta Artinya Jul 6, 2015.

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