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A: I feel so relieved. B: I can see that. - Pain. e.g. A: Ouch! It hurts so much. B: Oh, you poor thing. - Pleasure. e.g. A: I'm so pleased. B: I'm glad you like it. Listening to the conversation involving expression of relief, pain, and 

Diana Kusuma Dewi: Dialog About Expressing Feeling...

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Dialog about expressing feeling, warning, advice and permission. One day, Dewi call Vita. Dewi: Hello Vita, I got a bad news. Vita: What's about? Dewi: Nanda's mother said that Nanda fainted at the street. Vita: Are you joking? Dewi: No, I'm 

Restorative Practices And Parenting

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dialogue, in its most basic form, is an exchange of opinions and ideas without the intent to convince the other party of right or wrong. Using open dialogue to freely express feelings and opinions and then utilizing negotiation to 

Tari Bella Monika: Studying Dialogue Expression ( 30-07-2013)

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30 July 2013. Today I learned a lot about expression. I and PHOENIX class show result group dialogue about expression. Start of expressing feelings, express warning, advising, and permission. As an example, one, 

Omnivoracious: 41 Flavors Of Body Language For Writers

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I mean, don't get me wrong: I'm a big fan of dialogue, and there's a ton you can do with it alone. You can express every emotion in the world, and a host of interesting subtexts with your choice of words, tone of voice, placement 

Towards A More Peaceful Classroom: Expressing Feelings...

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If musical expression is recorded, play it back and suggest that they express even more of their big, or small, feelings by moving to the sound of their own music. Musical dialogue. Have the children move back and forth in a 

Esl Podcast 782

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ESL Podcast 782 – expressing Bitter Feelings Audio Index: Slow dialogue: 1:10. Explanations: 3:01. Fast dialogue: 13:03 Julie: You're just feeling bitter right now, but you'll get over it. You won't always feel so jaded.

Ramona's Blog: Make A Dialogue ( Expression Of Feeling...

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Make a dialogue ( expression of feeling surprise, advising, warning). Alfi : Hi guys! Fi'in, Marwa, Mona : Hi! Fi'in : You look so happy !! What's the matter? Marwa : Yeah you look so happy ! Do you get a new boyfriend ?

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