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Ramona's Blog: Make A Dialogue ( Expression Of Feeling...

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Make a dialogue ( expression of feeling surprise, advising, warning). Alfi : Hi guys! Fi'in, Marwa, Mona : Hi! Fi'in : You look so happy !! What's the matter? Marwa : Yeah you look so happy ! Do you get a new boyfriend ?

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dialog like and dislike (51); dialog expressing surprise (43); dialogue like and dislike (37); like and dislike grammar (35); like and dislike dialogue (33); dialogue expressing surprise (27); contoh dialog expressing surprise (22) 

Contoh Percakapan / Dialog Bahasa Inggris Expressing...

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Dialogbahasainggrisoke – contoh percakapan / dialog bahasa Inggris expressing surprise and disbelief (Terkejut dan Ketidakpercayaan) - Hai apa kabarnya? baik-baik saja kan? Pernah nggak si kalian dapat kejutan 

Dialog Expressing Surprise, Like And Dislike, Proud, Advice

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dialog expressing surprise, like and dislike, proud, advice. Situation : Japanese lesson at Rere sensei was absent due to illness, Irma, Mifta, Novi and Putri talk about Valentine's days and the plan they would do to the person 

Expressing Surprise And Disbelief (novia Yanti Eka...

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Study the following dialogue and underline which phrases express disbelief. Alex : I went to Soraksan last weekend. Brian : Really, who did you go with? Alex : Only my girlfriend and I went. Brian : You're kidding… your 

2.expression Surprises And Disbeliefs

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I'm serious! dialog expressing surprise : Sia : So,who won the singing contest ? Tia : Ima did. Sia : That's surprising.last week she was far below safitri. Tia : Yeah…that's the fact.last week there were just a few people sending 

Expressions In The Query Dialog

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Pressed for an answer from a customer, I today tried something that I don't think I have tried before, and that is to use a query expression directly from the query dialog. To my surprise it actually works. Below screenshot is from 

Surprise Expression (expresi Terkejut/kejutan)

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surprise expresion,definisi/pengertian expression,pengertian ekpresi.

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