dialog story telling timun emas

Dialog Timun Mas

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Hermit : Okay, pleasee in. Tell me the whole story. Narrator : The couple told the hermit about their wish and how Buto Ijo fulfilled it. And also the promise they made with the Giant. The hermit listened to. them carefully as 

The Golden Snail (keong Emas)

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The Golden Snail (Keong emas). A Folklore from Central Jave, Indonesia. Long time ago there were a couple of husband and wife, they are Prince Raden Putra and Dewi Limaran. They lived in a palace. Prince Raden Putra's father was the 

Teks Story Telling Singkat Timun Emas Dan Terjemahan...

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Teks story telling Singkat timun emas dan Terjemahan. Menggunakan cerita Inggris Indonesia sebagai bahan teks story telling tentunya akan memudahkan kita dalam melakukan story telling, untuk itu berikut akan dibagikan sebuah teks 

Story Telling

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story telling - timun emas. timun emas. Once upon a time, there was a widow who lived alone,Because there was no one on her side,she felt and dreamed of the presence of a child.In the small village.She say at heart”when I have a child,I 

Dongeng Timun Emas Dan Lusi

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Dongeng timun emas dan LuSi (Kisah kolam lumpur di Jawa Timur, dalang Ki Jogelem) Pada Jaman dahulu ada seorang yang bernama Mbok Siring eh mBok Sirni namanya (tapi kejadiannya di Desa Siring), dia seorang janda yang Seru2…. but i don't like this story buat yg pgen pake bhsa melayu. CARI AJA NDIRI !!!!!!!! giselle, on 8 Maret 2010 at 5:22 pm said: iih…………………. seRu buk ,… n i like this story ,. but………….. q pgen dlm bhsa melayu ,… bsa gk ?

Story Telling Timun Emas

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timun emas was very shocked, "What happend mom? I don't know, please tell me.." Mbok Rondho explained her meeting with Buto Ijo, timun emas said "Ok mom, don't worry! I'll go quickly!" In the next day, timun emas went to the jungle. Oh yeah, she didn't forget to bring terasito conquerButo Ijo!! In the jungle, Buto Ijo Bila ada dialog bedakanlah suara tokoh satu dengan yang lain - Percaya diri saat kamu didepan, dan berilah mereka 'the best you have'

Bilqis Maharani's Blog: Story Telling

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story telling - timun emas. Long time ago in the island of Java, Indonesia, lived a couple of farmer. They had married for some years but they had no children. So they prayed to a monster called Buta Ijo to give them children.

English~ Story Telling `timun Mas`

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The widow pickad the large cucumberand splitted it carefully and it appeared that therewas a cute baby was named timun emas. And as the time goes,timun emas grow up. Buto ijo goes to timun emas hut and he dun timun 

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