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My DrΣΔmcΔtcher: Expressing Happiness

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Fantastic ! I'm glad now; I love it ! I really like it ! I'm statisfied with …… I'm pleased with …… Congratulation ! That's great ! That's wonderfull ! I'm happy to hear that. I'm glad to know that. etc. Example dialog expressing 

Happiness Expression And Sympathy Expression

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happiness EXPRESSION AND sympathy EXPRESSION. happiness EXPRESSION. • Definition. happiness Expression is an expression that is used to show that someone or people are glad have excited feelings. • What is Responses : * Thank you for your sympathy. * It was nothing. * Thanks for your kindness. * Don't have to worry, I can face it. • Example of dialogue that expression : Mr . Afgan : You know that ? David has lost contact with his friend. Asraf : I' 

Immaria's English Blog: Expressing Happiness

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Dialogue of Expressing happiness : Mr. Radit : How was your school today, Dita? Dita : It was great, Dad. Mr. Radit : That's good. By the way, Kila, your aunty, is in Jakarta now. Dita : aunty Kila? When did shee? How was 

Open Letter To Sogyal Rinpoche From Joanne Clark...

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Director of Dialogue Ireland speaks at St. Vincent's CBS Susan Morrice, why the media need to go to Specsavers » .. As for Patrick Gaffney, he is so in denial walking around with his bland, inscrutable expression. What's sad is that educated Westerners approach these ancient traditions as if they should remain ancient, as if they're beyond reproach, as if democratic thinking, liberal approaches and personal discernment are just silly inconveniences. http://ow.ly/ 

Immaria's English Blog: Expressing Sympathy

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Thank you for your sympathy. - It was nothing. - Thank you. - etc. Example of Dialogue Expressing sympathy : Desi : Hi, Dito. How are you? Why you look so sad today? Dito : I'm not fine, Desi. Because my grandpa died last 

Expressing Sympathy

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Expressing SympathyExpressing sympathy is an expression or feeling of pity and sorrow when we know and see someone or people are unlucky or have trouble and in bad condition. sympathy expression directly to him / her orally or use a letter or card by post also by short message service (SMS), television, radio, E-mail, and newspaper. Example Dialogue Expressing sympathy : Rani : Hi, Dion. What's up? You look so sad. Dion : Yeah, my uncle died last night.

Expressing Happiness /pleasure

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EXPRESSING happiness /PLEASURE Text 1 Hilal : Hi, Najmi! Haven't Who are involved in the dialogue above? 2.What is the Give responses to the following statements using appropriate expressions of pleasure. 1.Your father is . Loading SHOWING ATTENTIONIn "Class X". EXPRESSING INVITATION, REQUEST, ASKING AND GIVING PERMISSIONIn "Class X". EXPRESSING SYMPATHYIn "Class X". EXPRESSING sympathy. Putri Ayu. Leave a Reply.

Elektra Kb.: Expressing Pain And Its Gendered Situation

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However, the subjects in the bloody scene seem calm and resigned, yet we feel their pain, their resigned facial expressions contrast with the grueling scene of suffering that we are witnessing, perhaps a pain too big that has made the body tired of emotions. The different religious allegories where the The agonizing stoic cry of sorrow of a restricted, silenced mouth is like a painful grieving of sadness too deep that eyes can't shed any tears. The nude priest poisoned by intertwining 

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