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Expression Of Love, Ambarassment, Sadness...

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No. Kind Of Expression. Expression. Dialog. 1. Expression of love. Expression of Love: * I love you. * I love you from the bottom of my heart. * I really love you. * I love you so much. * I must love it. * You are my everything.

Contoh Dialog The Expression Of Sadness And...

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CONTOH DIALOG THE EXPRESSION OF SADNESS and LOVE. Diposting oleh Ade pada 20:07, 05-Peb-12 • Di: Other. Ade : Hay Riza.. Riza : Eh ade .. Ade : What are you doing now ? Riza : Nothing .. Ade : But, I see you sadness . Riza : Yes 

Contoh Dialog Expresing Love And Sadness...

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Materi ini ditujukan bagi rekan-rekan pelajar kelas XI SMA/MA yang mencari tugas membuat dialog mengungkapkan rasa cinta (expressing love). Sinta : Hi, honey. What's up? Brad : I'm sad. I have to tell you bad news.

Expression Of Invite, Sadness, Request, Congratula...

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I'd love to, but , 3. I'm sorry. I can't. EXAMPLE OF DIALOGUE ;. Time off school, class Sita Ratna visiting her best friend. Sinta : “dinda, are you free next Sunday ?” Dinda : ”yea, I think so. Why ?” Sinta : “ would you like to come EXPRESSION ;. 1. I'm really sad. 2. You look sad today. 3. I'm very sad about , RESPOND ;. 1. I'm so sad to hear it. 2. Please leave me alone. 3. Oh, no,.. 4. I'm so distressed. EXAMPLE OF DIALOGUE ;. One day, at class efah was very sad.

Jenis Expression Beserta Contoh Dialogue

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Expressing Love Dialogue Ardi : Look, I've got something for you. Mirna : What is that ? Ardi : Just a small thing. I hope you like it. (show the ring) Mirna : Oh, … this is wonderful. I love it. 7. Expressing Sadness -use to express 

Blog Pelajar: Expression Of Love,sadness...

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DIALOGUE. 1. Expression of love. · I love you. · I love you from the bottom of my heart. · I really love you. · I love you so much. · I must love it. · You are my everything. · I am crazy of … · I Like you. · I Love you for a long time.

Dialog Of Expression

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EXPRESSION. EXAMPLE OF EXPRESSION. EXAMPLE OF DIALOG. 1. Anger. ü I'm not pleased at all. ü You really make me angry. Situation : In the morning when Fifi meet Tari in school. Fita : Hey you, what did you do last night… . Asni : Oh my God. I strongly believed that she is disloyal. Nurul: I think so. 6. Expression love. ü I love it. ü I love you. Situation: In café, when Irvan dinner with Jasti. Irvan : Do you like this café? Jasti : Yes, Good decorated. Irvan : Mmm.

Yj Tutus Cassiospeia: Contoh Dialog Dengan 11 Expression...

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Yani : you're welcome. KETERANGAN : 1. Expressing love. 2. Expressing pleasure. 3. Expressing anxiety. 4. Expressing sadness. 5. Expressing fear. 6. Expressing annoyance. 7. Expressing anger. 8. Expressing displeasure.

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