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Dialog Of Expressing Embarrassment, Expressing Anger...

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Oke, setelah sebelumnya ngepost ttg If Clause , kali ini gue mau sharing ilmu lagi ttg dialog of Expressing embarrassment, Expressing anger, Expressing love & Calming Someone Down Langsung aja, CHECK IT OUT !

Expression Of Love,sadness, Anger, Annoyance...

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expression OF love,sadness, anger, annoyance, embarrassment, STANCE. NO. KIND OF. expression. expression. NAME : ANDI UTARI SAMSIR. CLASS : XI ACCELERATION. DIALOGUE. 1. expression of love. · I love you. · I love you from the bottom of my heart. · I really love you. · I love you so much. · I must love it. · You are my everything. · I am crazy of … · I Like you. · I love you for a long time. Last week . I must say that it's an embarrassment.

Liyone.: Expression Embarrassment, Anger, And Annoyance

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Expressing anger Dialogue. Mother : God..What is this? What did you do with my skirt, Bi Ijah?? Bi Ijah : Sorry, Ma'am, I burned it. Mother : Again! It has been four times you did it. You are such pain in the neck. Bi Ijah : I said sorry, Ma' am. But your son, Indra, Exhausted me. He runs here and there. oowhh.. i really love your blog because of one direction's song. thank you so much sweet dear :) xoxoxoxo. BalasHapus. Anonim 22 Januari 2014 06.19. bego ngasih 

Conversation Expressin Anger/annoyance, Expressing...

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Expressin anger/annoyance karna kesal karna telah dibohongi teman wanitanya yang berkata pergi dengan ibunya tetapi malah pergi dengan pria lain. Nova : You know Restu didn'te last Sunday night brother got an accident yesterday, he be hospitalized and i was at home alone. Nova : I hope your brother get well. Don't be sad, you can stay at my home. Rama : Thanks Nova 3. Expressing love menggungkapkan cinta walau akhirnya ditolak. A : Hi. Hmmm..

Expression Dialogues (anger, Annoyance, Embrassement...

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expression Dialogues (anger, annoyance, Embrassement, love and sadness), Pabo Pabo, expression Dialogues (anger, annoyance, Embrassement, love and sadness)

Expressions Anger, Annoyance, Embarassment, Sadness...

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Expressions anger, annoyance, Embarassment, sadness, Stance, and love Responding someone's annoyance: v Relax. v Take it slow. v Take it easy. v Calm down. Sometimes, when Ani was studying Ani : i am studying. Didn't you can see ? Andis : Oh, I am so sorry. Can i ask you something ? Ani : Oh my god, you are really bothers me. Please get out. Okay ? Andis : Sure. Calm down please. 3. Embarassment. expression: v I am embarrassed. v I feel ashamed.

Do Disrespectful People Make You Angry?

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Willingly subjecting yourself to disrespectful people can cause plenty of problems, such as poor self esteem and bottled up anger. However, jumping to conclusions that you are being disrespected (when you are not) can 

Experiences Of Depression: Irritability And Anger

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Classic examples of depression expressed as anger include veterans whoe home frombat with the experiences of terror of imminent death, sadness from losing friends who were killed, and systematic emotional training to channel all these .. I begin to snap at my parents, get so mad at everything in my head which has a constant train of cursing and beating the crap and almost literally ripping apart everbody who happens to be a source of annoyance.

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