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ü Identifying the meaning of embarrassment expression. ü Responding to expression of sadness. ü Responding to expression of embarrassment. b. Psychomotor. ü Using expression of sadness. ü Using expression of embarrassment. ü Performing dialogue. c. Affective. ü Communication. ü Confidence. ü Creative . RESOURSES: · http.//LiyOne. Expression Embarrassment, anger, and annoyance.htm. · Look a head XI. Approved by, Semarang, September 29th, 2013.

Expressingembarrassment, Expressing Anger...

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AND EXPRESSING ANNOYANCE. A. Expressing Dialogue : A : Today is my bad day. B : Why? What's wrong? A : I feel down from motorcycle in front of school. B : Really? Are you ok? A : I'm fine, but I feel so embarrassed because my shoes were flying over me and my. skirt was torn. Expressing anger is expressing a strong feeling which makes you want to hurt someone or be unpleasant because of something unfair or hurtful thatbhas happened. Expressing 

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Embarrassment, Anger, and Annoyance. 4. Siswa dapat mempresentasikan dialog yang telah dibuat, yang berisi tindak tutur: expressing Agreement/ Disagreement, Love, Sadness, Embarrassment, Anger, & Annoyance. II.

Jenis Expression Beserta Contoh Dialogue

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Very sad! 3. Annoying! 4. Disappointing! 5. Frustrating! Expressing Dissatisfaction Dialogue Paul : Have you read today's newspaper? James : Not yet. Is it interesting? Paul : Yes, the apology from the company. Take a look. The paper is over Use to express pleasure, showing one's feeling of happiness. The expression that you can use: 1. Great! 2. Terrific! 3. Fantastic! 4. I'm pleased. 5. I enjoyed it. 6. I love it. 7. It was terrific. 8. I'm delighted. 9. It is very delighted. 10.

Useful Expressions Xi Sma/ma

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Isn't wrestling fantastic? Bukankah gulat itu fantastis? Don't you love reading poem? Tidak sukakah anda membaca puisi? Expressing like. (menyatakan suka). I like music. Aku suka musik. I am very keen on riding a horse. .. Are you angry with me? Apakah anda marah kepadaku? What are you so angry about? Anda marah tentang apa? Response to Reduce Anger or to Calm Annoyance. (Tanggapan Untuk Mengurangi Kemarahan Atau Untuk Menenangkan 

Expression Of Love, Ambarassment, Sadness, Surprise...

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No. Kind Of Expression. Expression. Dialog. 1. Expression of love. Expression of Love: * I love you. * I love you from the bottom of my heart. * I really love you. * I love you so much. * I must love it. * You are my everything. . Uli : why ? where is my book, I need it now. Wiwi : I'am sorry, I'am forget. Uli : what you say ? You really make me angry. wiwi : I'am really sorry. Uli : I'am really upset now. 4. Expression of sadness. Expression: * I'm Oh no/ oh dear! * feeling blue.

Expression Of Love,sadness, Anger, Annoyance...

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EXPRESSION OF LOVE,SADNESS, ANGER, ANNOYANCE, embarrassment, STANCE. NO. KIND OF. EXPRESSION. EXPRESSION. NAME : ANDI UTARI SAMSIR. CLASS : XI ACCELERATION. DIALOGUE. 1. Expression of love. · I love you. · I love you from the bottom of my heart. · I really love you. · I love you so much. · I must love it. · You are my everything. · I am crazy of … · I Like you. · I Love you for a long time. Last week . I must say that it's an embarrassment.

Expressions Of Anger, Embarrassment And Annoyance

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Langsung saja, expression of anger adalah ungkapan kemarahan, expression of embarrashment adalah ungkapan rasa malu, dan expression of annoyance adalah ungkapan rasa terganggu. Paham kan sobat? I am embarrassed 2. I feel ashamed 3. Oh, My God 4. Shame on me 5. I don't feel comfortable 6. I feel awkward 7. It's my embarrassment to… 8. That's a real embarrassment. Expressing Embarrassment Dialogue A : Today is my bad day. B : Why? What's 

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