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contoh soal text reading untuk sma

Contoh Soal Narrative Text Untuk Smp, Sma, Dan Kunci...

Diterbitkan pada Thursday, 29 January 2015 Pukul 8.28

1. What is the communicative function of narrative text? a. To entertain the readers b. To explain about something c. To argue about something d. To inform the reader e. To instruct the reader. June came from a writer family.

Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Un Sma

Diterbitkan pada Thursday, 24 October 2013 Pukul 21.07

Contoh soal Bahasa Inggris UN SMA. CONTOH SOAL UJIAN NASIONAL. (READING – GRAMMAR). By: M. Nashruddin Akhyar, S. Pd. SMA Islam Al – Azhar 3 Jakarta. Reading Section. In this part of the test, you have to choose the best Text 2. Mexico City is growing very fast. In 1970 the city had about nine million people. Now it has over 17 million. All these people who mostly come from the country are causing problems for the city. There are not enough jobs. Also 

Materi Bahasa Inggris Sma

Diterbitkan pada Sunday, 11 January 2015 Pukul 2.36

Dibawah ini adalah macam-macam bentuk pertanyaan yang biasa ada dalam soal Reading : 1. Menemukan gambaran umum/topic isi bacaan/teks. Contoh pertanyaan :  Which of the following is the most suitable title…

Contoh Soal Reading Comprehension Sma Kelas X...

Diterbitkan pada Thursday, 25 October 2012 Pukul 6.08

Contoh Soal Reading Comprehension SMA Kelas X - Arragilcs. b. review a text for the audience e. explain how the Beauty got married with the beast. c. entertain the readers. 14. The resolution of the story is found in 

Contoh Soal Descriptive Text Untuk Sma Dan Kunci Jawaban

Diterbitkan pada Tuesday, 20 January 2015 Pukul 5.55

Contoh Soal Descriptive Text Bahasa Inggris Untuk SMA dan Kunci Jawaban – Berikut ini, ada contoh-contoh soal mengenai descriptive text untuk SMA yang bisa Anda gunakan sebagai bahan pembelajaran. Semoga bermanfaat. What is the text purpose? a. To inform readers about tourism in Kebumen b. To entertain reader about Petruk Cave c. To explain the reader about floors in Petruk Cave d. To Introduce The Local tourism in Kebumen e. To describe Petruk 

Contoh Soal Reading Bahasa Inggris Sma

Diterbitkan pada Sunday, 1 December 2013 Pukul 17.27

Contoh Soal Reading Bahasa Inggris SMA Which statement is true according to the text? Television is credited with being a great teacher, but it is also blamed for the poor reading and writing skills of our population.

Contoh Soal Matriks Sma

Diterbitkan pada Saturday, 7 February 2015 Pukul 1.57

638 x 1051 · 139 kB · jpeg, Soal dan Jawaban Teks Reading (Reading Text) Bahasa Inggris. Fitri Fitriani: Contoh Data Base Perpustakaan. 519 x 573 · 90 kB · jpeg, Fitri Fitriani: Contoh Data Base Perpustakaan. Soal Matematika Sma Kelas 

Contoh-contoh Soal Report Text Sma Dan Jawabannya...

Diterbitkan pada Wednesday, 21 January 2015 Pukul 8.43

Contoh-Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Tentang Report Text Untuk SMA dan Jawabannya – Mau latihan soal-soal report text? Lihat contoh-contoh soal berikut ini. Text 1. Question for number 1-5. Giraffe. Giraffe is the highest 9. What is the purpose of the text above? a. To inform about antibiotic b. To describe about antibiotic c. To inform about disinfectant d. To describe about antibiotic e. To entertain the reader. 10. What is the main idea of the second paragraph? a.

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