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contoh soal tentang expressing happiness and bored

Ervi's Articles: Expressing Feeling

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Expressing Feeling. This under text will teach us about how to Expressing feelings about something, may be Expressing happiness, boredom, or disappointment. Read this text accurate. Situation 1 : Soraya meets Adam at the cafeteria. Terrific! · Smashing! · Hey, that's terrific/great! Ø Expressing boredom;. · I think it was a boring holiday. · It sounds boring. · It's totally/awfully boring. · I'm rather bored. · How boring! · I don't think the trip was very interesting. · I'm fed up 

Contoh Percakapan Atau Dialog Expressing Pleasure And...

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Contoh Percakapan Atau Dialog Expressing Pleasure and Displeasure Terbaru – Expression of pleasure adalah ungkapan untuk menyatakan kesengan dan kebahagiaan. Sedangkan Expression of displeasure adalah 

Cerita Ane: Contoh Soal Expression Of Happiness Dan...

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Anthony : Hello Grace! Mr. Ridwan gave me this cat two days ago. I'm so happy. Grace : That's good ! The underlined sentence expresses …… a. Happiness. b. Sadness. c. Congratulation. d. Boredom. e. Disappointment. 4.

Contoh Teks Dialog Expressing Invitation

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With pleasure. (Dengan senang hati.) What a delightful idea. (Betapa ide yang menyenangkan.) All right. (Baiklah.) OK, I'll be there. (OK, saya akan ada di sana.) Sure, I'm coming. (Tentu, saya datang.) Declining Invitations Untuk menolak Lia: I'm going to the market. Ria: Would you like to come to my wedding next week? Lia: Sure. Why not? Ria: Thank you. Lia: You're welcome. Dialogue 2. Joni: It's a boring day. Jono: Why? Joni: I have a lot of homework. Jono: Me 

Expressing Feelings

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Berikut ini akan saya sajikan beberapa contoh soal Listening UN bahasa Inggris dan Pembahasannya. Bagi anda yang akan menghadapai Uji ngobrol1 · Expressing What a surprise! - This is really a surprise! - Incredible! 2. Expressing Happiness. A. Formal: - Oh, I'm so happy - I can't say how pleased I am. - I had a splendid time there. - What a marvelous place I've ever seen. - It's an outstanding adventure. - It's an interesting experience. - It's an sensational trip. B. Informal:.

Expression Of Advice, Permission, Satisfaction...

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Example of Expression. Example of Dialogue. 1. EXPRESSION OF ADVICE. ASKING FOR ADVICE ;. a. What should ………….. ? b. What do you think should ? c. What do you advise? d. Could you give me some advice for …. e. . The concert is so boring. f. What an awful meeting. g. It's not as good as I thought. Expressing Satisfaction Dialogue. One day, in restaurant, fifi and santi converse about food which ahead time. Fifi : How do you feel about this food?

Expressing Happines, Disapointment And Boredom

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Happines, for example:: I am glad to hear that. I am happy to hear that. That's great! Wonderful! Disappointment, for example: That's disappointing. That's too bad. That's real shame. Boredom, for example: That's boring.

Xandez The Devilzuyee: Materi Expressing Feelings For...

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Materi Expressing Feelings for VHS Class 1. Expressing Feelings divided by three : 1. Happiness. We can use the sentence below : · Glad : senang. · Exciting : menarik. · Nice : bagus. · Interesting : menarik. 2. Sadness. Sentence : · Worry : Bored : bosan. · Horrible : mengerikan. · Regret : menyesal. 3. Symphaty. Sentence : · Condolonce : Bela sungkawa. · Congratulation : Ungkapan selamat. · What a . O + be (O = I, you, they, we). · How . O + be (O = He, she, it).

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