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Struktur teks narrative terdiri atas orientation (pengenalan tokoh,waktu dan tempat kejadian),plication (masalah dimana karakter utama terlibat) dan resolution (akhir cerita yang berisi solusi masalah). teks narrative Menggunakan saying verbs (said,told) dan thinking verbs, feeling verbs, verbs of senses (she` was very tired and hungry). 4. Menggunakan simple past tense. contoh: Once upon a time, there was a poor farmer living with his wife. One day, he went 

Active And Passive Voice

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past Continuous Tense Active sentences in the past continuous tense have the following structure: Subject + was/were + -ing form of the verb +. Object of the active sentence + was/were + being + past participle form of the verb + by + subject of the active sentence. Examples are given below: Active: She was writing a novel. passive: A novel was being written by her. Active: They were saying their prayers. passive: Their prayers were being said by them. Active: He was giving a 

Genre (jenis Text)

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Buku ini berisi 13 macam jenis teks yang harus dipelajari siswa SMA mulai dari kelas X sampai XII. Dalam buku ini disajikan jenis-jenis teks beserta ciri-ciri umumnya, yaitu tujuan , struktur, kebahasaan, contoh-contoh teks 

Active And Passive Voice

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Active sentences in the simple past tense have the following structure: Subject + past tense form of the verb + object passive sentences in the simple past.

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Using past Tense 2. Using action verb 3. Using adjectives. narrative and recount in some ways are similar. Both are telling something in the past so narrative and recount usually apply past TENSE; whether simple past Tense, simple Using action verbs 3. Using saying verbs 4. Using adverbs : time, place and manner. Example : Winning Award for Airport Toilet Surabaya's Juanda International Airport has won the Culture and Tourism Ministry's 2009 toilet award, 

Active And Passive Voice

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simple Future Tense Active: Subject + will/shall + first form of the verb + object passive: Object of the active sentence + will/shall + be + past.

Genres Of Text

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narrative 4. Description 5. News Item 6. Report 7. Analytical Exposition 8. Spoof 9. Hortatory Exposition 10. Explanation 11. Discussion 12. Review PROCEDURE Social function: To help us do a task or make something. They can be a ü Use of action verbs in past (went, studied) ü Use mainly of general and abstract nouns, action verbs, simple present tense, passive voice, conjunction of time and cause, noun phrases,plex sentences, and technical language.

The Past Perfect Progressive Tense

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Spelling Tip. Verbing (Present Participle). Add ing to most verbs. Ex. play > playing, cry > crying, bark > barking; For verbs that end in e, remove the e and add ing. Ex: slide > sliding, ride > riding; For verbs that end in ie, change the ie to y and add ing. The past perfect progressive, to refer to the action that was in process; The past simple to refer to the action that happened after the first action. Ben had Note: The order of phrases may be switched, but the meaning will stay the same.

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