contoh dialogue expressing satisfaction

Expressing Relief Pleasure Pain Satisfaction And

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Example I really like my new hair cut Impletely satisfied with everything youve done for me It was satisfactory It was okay Not too bad Example dialog expressing satisfaction Agnes Hows your vacation in Bali

Contoh Dialog Expressing Satisfaction Unsatisfaction

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contoh Dialog expressing satisfaction Unsatisfaction Sudahkah rekan pelajar memahami bagaimana mengekspresikan kepuasan dan ketidakpuasan dalam bahasa inggris Kalau belum begitu faham sebaiknya rekan lihat beberapa

Materi Bahasa Inggris Kelas Xi Expressing Satisfaction And

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artikel berikut berisi tentang tentang bahasa Inggris Kelas XI tentang expressing satisfaction and dissatisfaction tidak puas Displeased adj tidak senang PRACTICE In pairs study the following dialogues andplete the table that follows Then perform the dialogues Example 1 Andi Retno I thought you were on vacation Retno Well I got back early Andi Why Retno Well I didnt really enjoy being there Andi What happened Retno Well the beach

Indry Lovejels Ikha Expressing Satisfaction And Disatisfaction

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Annoying Dissappointing Frustrating Responding to dissatisfaction I see Im sorry to hear that Ill look into it Ill see what I can do about it Ill try and take care of it Example for expressing satisfaction dialogue 1 Bella Miss

Material Of Expressing Satisfaction And Dissatisfaction

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This is example dialogue of expressing satisfaction Retno Hows your vacation in Bali Ayu It was terrific The beach are beautiful and the sun set from Tanah Lot is magnificent Retno Really What else did you there

Satisfied And Unsatisfied Sadayana Aya

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What an awful meeting Its not as good as I thought Example dialog expressing satisfaction Agnes Hows your vacation in Bali Made It was terrific The beaches are beautiful and the sun set from Tanah Lot is satisfying

Diary Curahan Hatiku Materi Expression Kelas Xi

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konser ini begitu membosankan What an awful meeting apa pertemuan mengerikan Its not as good as I thought ini tidak sebaik yang saya pikir Example dialog expressing satisfaction Agnes Hows your vacation in

English Task Class Xi Ipa 1 Expressing Satisfaction

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expressing satisfaction and Dissatisfaction expressing satisfaction and Dissatisfaction 1 expressing satisfaction expressing satisfaction expressing good feeling sense offort or happiness Use to express satisfaction When we are happy after we see a concert and we are really contented with the performance when we are happy about our result of exam we must feel satisfied Example dialog expressing satisfaction Putri Hows your vacation in Lombok

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