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Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris Expressing Pride

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A. Pengertian. Sebelum melihat beberapa contoh dialog bahasa Inggris tentang expressing pride, mari kita pelajari dulu pengertiannya. expressing Pride adalah suatu ungkapan untuk menunjukkan rasa bangga terhadap sebuah 

My DrΣΔmcΔtcher: Expressing Happiness

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Fantastic ! I'm glad now; I love it ! I really like it ! I'm statisfied with …… I'm pleased with …… Congratulation ! That's great ! That's wonderfull ! I'm happy to hear that. I'm glad to know that. etc. Example dialog expressing 

E-primbon Chitayae: Happiness Expression

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The example of dialogue about happiness expression. Desty : How about your mathematics test yesterday? Aini : Guess what? I got A in my mathematics test yesterday. Desty : Wow! Terrific ! How you can doing that? That test 

Expressing Happiness

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What is happiness? -It is important to first understand that the term “happiness” refers to the emotion, mood, and state of happiness; however researchers generally study the more enduring “state”. -Expression happiness is used to express happiness dialog 1. Mrs. Hans : How was your school today, dear? Tasya : It was great, Mom. Mrs. Hans : That's good. By the way, Annie, your niece, is in Bandung now. Tasya : Annie? When did shee? How was her study in Singapore?

Expression For Showing Happiness

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Expression of happiness : I'm happy to hear that. I'm glad you think so. That would be great. That sounds nice. That sounds fine. That sounds wonderful. Fantastic! I enjoy … contoh dialog Expression of happiness. dialog 1

Expression Of Satisfaction And Dissatisfaction

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Satisfied_customer. Expression of satisfaction is an expression for a feeling of happiness or pleasure because you have achieved something or got what you wanted. contoh dialog expressing Satisfaction : Agnes : How's 

Expression Of Pleasure

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Expression of pleasure is an expression of enjoyment, happiness or satisfaction. It is used to express pleasure, showing one's feeling of happiness. (Expression of I'm very delighted about… Informal Expression Great Terrific Fantastic That's great. That's terrific. Formal Expression It gives me a great pleasure. I am delighted to hear that. contoh dialog Berisi Expression of Pleasure. dialog 1. Jhone : My flight from Canberra ran well. I'm glad it's done. Dimas : Good for 

Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris Expressing Sympathy...

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A. Pengertian. expressing Sympathy adalah sebuah ungkapan untuk menyatakan perasaan simpatik atau menarik hati. Untuk membuat contoh dialog bahasa Inggris yang mengekspresikan sympathy, kita dapat menggunakan kalimat-kalimat 

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