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Expression Of Satisfaction And Dissatisfaction

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contoh dialog expressing dissatisfaction : Basten : Retno, I thought you were on vacation. Rio : Well, I got back early. Basten : Why? Rio : Well,I didn't really enjoy being there. Basten : What happened? Rio : Well, the beach 

Expressing Satisfaction And Dissatisfaction

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expressing Satisfaction and dissatisfaction. expressing Satisfaction and dissatisfaction. 1. expressing Satisfaction. expressing Satisfaction: expressing good feeling; sense offort or happiness. Use to express satisfaction. When we are happy after we see a concert and we are really contented with the performance, when we are happy about our result of exam we must feel satisfied. . Example dialog expressing Satisfaction : Putri : How's your vacation in Lombok, 

Contoh Dialog Pendek Expressing Satisfaction And...

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Bagaimana cara mengungkapkan kepuasan / ketidakpuasan terhadap suatu benda atau layanan dalam bahasa Inggris? Inilah yang Admin bahasa dalam entri kali ini, yaitu tentang expressing satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

Brian Ronaldo : Bahasa Inggris : Expressing Relief...

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expressing RELIEF, PLEASURE, PAIN, SATISFACTION AND dissatisfaction. expressing Relief When we have problem, then we cansolve it, we will feel relief. Example Dialogue : (James falls down from the tree. Andy tries to help him.) Andy : Are you okay? James : Ouch! That hurts. Andy : Let me help you. James : Thanks. Andy : You should be more careful. expressing Pleasure. expressing Pleasure: expressing enjoyment, happiness or satisfaction.

Contoh Dialog Expression Satisfaction Dan Dissatisfaction...

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contoh dialog Expression Satisfaction dan dissatisfaction. dialog Tentang Expression Satisfaction dan dissatisfaction. Fauzan : good morning. Robby alka egy : good morning. Fauzan : what you want to order ? robby : I have 

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