contoh dialog ekspresi embarrassment

Lukman Educad (unv Prima): Contoh Dialog Of Expression

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Ewik : nining why why are you laughing at me ? i'm so ashamed with people because my shoes who oversized so that my shoes were flying over me and my skirt was torn. nining : ewik today you very embarrassing ?

Contoh Dialog The Expression Of Sadness And...

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Ade : Hay Riza.. Riza : Eh ade .. Ade : What are you doing now ? Riza : Nothing .. Ade : But, I see you sadness . Riza : Yes, that's right. Ade : Why ? Riza : Because I lose my novel. Ade : How can it lose ? Riza : Before, I take it in my table. Then I 

Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris Dengan Berbagai Expression

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contoh dialog Bahasa Inggris dengan berbagai Expression / the Sample of dialog of English with many Expression. CROCODILE PLAYBOY. - In line 1. Imam : Hallo? Baby, are you free this afternoon? Vio : Yes, I am free.

Situss: Bahasa Inggris : Contoh Dialog "embarrassment"

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Ini merupakan salah satu contoh dialog tentang "embarrassment Story", sebenarnya ini merupakan tugas Bahasa Inggris yang di berikan oleh guru saya, namun waktu itu saya kirimkan melalui email ke teman saya (Iyak), 

Contoh Rpp Bahasa Inggris Expression Embarrassment...

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V Teacher distributes the text of dialogue expression of embarrassment. v Ask them question if they have. v Ask them to sit in pairs. v Ask them to understand andprehended also memorize the dialogue. “OK students. Now 

Dialog Bahasa Inggris, 4 Ekspresi

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dialog Bahasa Inggris, 4 ekspresi. (7 orang). embarrassed, angry, annoying, advice. Sofhia: heyy baby. sari: heyy babiess. fibi: hey, whats up sof? Sofhia: nothing, hmm whatca want listen my story? Sari: yeaa, whats that?

Embarrassment & Annoyance (ungkapan Rasa Malu...

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embarrassment Annoyance I am embarrassed I feel ashamed Oh my God Shame on me I don't feelfortable I feel awkward I am annoyed I had enough with it I can't bear it any longer You made me annoyed You are such 

Liyone.: Expression Embarrassment, Anger, And Annoyance

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I am embarrassed; I feel ashamed; Oh, My God; Shame on me; I don't feelfortable; I feel awkward; It's my embarrassment to… That's a real embarrassment. Expressing embarrassment Dialogue. A : Today is my bad day

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