contoh asking and giving repetition

Showing Certainty, Doubt, Repetition, Concern, And Surprise

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Terkadang seseorang tidak mendengar apa yang baru diucapkan oleh lawan mainnya, kemudian meminta untuk mengulangi apa yang baru saja diucapkan, maka bisa menggunakan contoh kalimat asking for repetition 

Asking For Repetition, Gimana Sih? » Englishindo

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contoh asking repetition. Untuk memahami cara dan bagaimana contoh asking for repetition, mari kita baca dialog di bawah ini : Mudah bukan? Dengan menggunakan ungkapan "asking for repetition", dialog bahasa inggris bisa menjadi lebih hidup. Tapi, jika kita sering [Readmore] · asking & giving Suggestion English Expressions: asking & giving Suggestion (Meminta dan memberi saran) adalah salah satu ungkapan bahasa Inggris sehari-ha [Readmore] 

Asking For Repetition

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Materi Pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris kelas IX semester 1, KD 3.2 Dalam komunikasi sehari-hari tidak jarang kita perlu meminta pengulangan atas apa yang dikatakan oleh lawan bicara kita karena mungkin kurang jelas, 

Asking For Repetition And Showing Attention...

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X: My mother gives me a present. Y : What is it? X : It is Acerbook. Y : Your mother is very kind. C. Grammar that is used in showing attention and asking for repetition. - Imperative verb (Exclamation verb). E.g.: Tell me more 

Lala Frame: Asking For Repetition (kalimat Pengulangan)

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contoh asking For repetition : Rina : Hello Dewi. Look at my new purse. I made it by myself. Dewi : Hello, Rina. Hey, that's nice. Isn't that your old purse? The one that we bought one year ago? Rina : Yeah, that's right.

English : (contoh Percakapan) Asking And Giving Advice...

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Tami : Hi Clàudia, You look worried. What's the matter? Aufa : Er.. it's nothing. Tami : Is it the exam tomorrow? You shouldn't worry. You'll pass easily. Aufa : I know. Tami :e on, tell me. What are you worried about?

Task Repetition: Helping Students To Improve Accuracy...

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Play about with giving feedback in between repetitions. For example, asking students to retell a narrative from the point of view of a different person involved in the story (same events, different perspective). and, of course 

How To Ask For Repetition And Meaning

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YQ11 | In a Conversation, How Do I Think of a Good Question to Ask? E2P27 | How to Use Movies to Study English · AudioBLOG 4 | Study 15 Minutes Everyday vs. 2 Hours on the Weekend · AudioBLOG 3 | The Most 

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