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(contoh Announcement) Vocabulary: be panctual = datang tepat waktu The head of = kepala, ketua, pimpinanmittee = panitia Baca juga: contoh pengumuman lisan bahasa Inggris - Spoken Announcement Salam Blogger-Guru Bahasa Inggris contoh Pengumuman Tertulis Bahasa Inggris (Written Announcement) Kumpulan Pengumuman Bahasa Inggris contoh Pemberitahuan Bahasa Inggris contoh Iklan Bahasa Inggris (Advertisement) contoh warning 

Contoh Advertisement + Jawaban

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What is the advertisement about? Leasing office space; Buildings in business district; Conveniences offered by thepany; Availability to get unique opportunities; Hotels and restaurants in the down-town. 2. Which of the 

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The Worlds Most Risque Ambient Advertising Examples

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warning: The following post contains graphic images and does not reflect the views of the blog. Here you will find some of the world's most Risqué Ambient Advertising Examples. We are always told that sex sells…what do 

False Advertising: 11 Hilarious Examples Of False...

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False Advertising warning: actual contents are much less awesome than they appear.

Contoh Advertisement Text » Englishindo

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Advertisement text? maksudnya iklan dengan menggunakan teks? [baca saja : advertisement] iklan sebenarnya tidak hanya berupa teks saja; dengan semakin banyaknya media informasi, advertisement (iklan) kini sangat 

Contoh Advertisement + Jawaban :pany Accountant...

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Expanding wholesaler of stationary and office equipment requires a responsible accountant for director to run smoothly thepany finance with good salary and good working condition for good applicant. Apply with 

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