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From there you will be presented with a dialog that provides a number of options for batch processing including using the first image as the basis for further changes, file type to save as, etc. You may want to experiment a little with a small set of images, but be aware that raw conversion to jpeg is seldom, if ever really, a consistent change. . [I shoot in raw (nef) format and have a SD card with a lot of memory so output (jpeg/psd) really affects the processing time.

Aplikasi Converter Raw Ke Jpeg

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raw merupakan format gambar selain jpeg di kamera terutama kamera DSLR. raw Dengan file murni ini, anda dapat mengedit kembali foto yang anda ambil di komputer dengan lebih kompleks, karena data gambar tersebut belum dirunah, sesuai settingan yang anda atur di kamera. Namum anda dapat Keterangan dari websitenya adalah " Easy2Convert raw to JPG (raw2jpg) is a tiny freeware designed to convert raw Camera image files (.3fr, .ari, .arw 

Merubah / Convert Raw / File Gambar Kamera Dslr...

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Sepulang saya dari kostan, saya pun kembali mencari software apa kah yg freeware dan bagus yang bisa merubah file CR2 ke jpeg, dan secara tak sadar ketika membuka software PHOTOSCAPE terlihat menu raw CONVERTER cara menggunakannya. Setelah memilih menu raw CONVERTER, klik add. Lalu pilih file raw (bisa sekaligus banyak) Lalu pilih convert deh.. dan file yang telah di convert berada di folder file raw (original folder). Digg; 

Say Cheese! Google Boosts Support For Raw Digital Image...

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image editing software such as Aperture and Lightroom. Instead, raw images can be uploaded directly to Google+ where they're converted to the JPG file format and can then be edited with Google's browser-based tools.

Converting Digital Camera Raw Files To The Dng Format...

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Give me the raw file and I will give you a better, more expressive, more satisfying image then I could ever get out of my camera in jpeg mode. For me Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the tool of choice for this process but the other If .dng files contain the raw image data plus other metadata, it ought to be possible to convert a .dng file back to the proprietary raw format and a sidedcar .xmp file. That way, editing would still be possible with the manufacturer's raw editing 


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All my Picasa-converted photos some day. For some reason, Google has not invested much effort into fully decoding the NEF format, especially in the exposure arena. . Most image viewers just extract the jpeg thumbnail or develop the raw data with default (e.g. bad quality Bayer conversion and some type of clipping and gamma function and using one of the white balances from the file - either "daylight" or "as set when photographing") . In image View plus more you can decide 


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NEF (Nikon raw) format instead of my usual .JPG. I tried downloading the ViewNX program to convert the files (as suggested in another posted question), but it says I don't have the optional picture controls. When I tried to download the optional picture controls from @rene, it does handle raw, but TLC's version (Elements 8) isn'tpatible with the D5100 raw file, so it's either upgrade Elements 8, or use a temporary solution to just convert this set of raw to JPG.

Menggunakan Format File Foto Jpg, Tiff, Dan Raw

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raw yang berarti mentah. file itu merupkan file orisinal yang dapat diubah menjadi file dengan extention JPG maupun TIFF. jpeg kependekan dari Joint Photographic Expert Group. TIFF kependekan dari Tagged image file Format. Format file raw pada Data yang dihasilkan prosesor dalam bentuk format file raw tidak bisa dilihat langsung dengan Photoshop, kecuali menggunakan Plug-in Adobe Converter raw maupun software khusus bawaan kamera. Proses gambar raw 

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