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Burris Eliminator Ii Iii The Firearm Blog

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This new addition to the family of Eliminator scopeses standard with inclination declinationpensation making up hill and downhill shots incredibly accurate For maximum efficiency and Nevertheless I think Burris should be thinking about making a version for the millions of small game and varmint hunters who hunt with rimfires and air rifles since for them almost every shot involves a significant drop and windage adjustment Current Eliminator scopes

Todays Special Macs Favorite Guns Air Gun Blog

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Some will cringe at that thought but in rural Tennessee where I grew up every household had a 22 rifle and a shotgun of some sort standing behind the stove Love the big bores We shoot them most weekends and my guns have put a lot of lead downrange from firearm shooters who were unfamiliar with big bore airguns until they met me Making converts is lots of fun Seeing the smiles on My favorites in firearms usually go by caliber rather than action type

Airforce Condor_ Senapan Angin Pcp Milzone

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Keterangan AirForce Condor PCP Air Rifle by AirForce USA Gun ONLY no Sights Scope no Clamp The AirForce Condor delivers from 600 fps to a rip snorting 1450 fps in 177 and it s recoilless Accurate 1 at 50 yards and

Air Guns Pyramyd Air Report Benjamin 392 397 Thats Easy

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The second announcement is that a new podcast is up Something The guns warranty is voided by the work however the aftermarket will probably be able to keep a 397 397 working for at least the next 50 years Barrel 22 caliber Lothar Walther choked At 10 meters you are still dealing with huge parallax from the height of the scope above the bore B B Properly done the Canon would be a good airgun but the Indonesians dont understand that yet

The 2010 Roanoke Airgun Expo Day Two Pyramyd Air

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If you came to buy just a Beeman R11 and didnt find one you might think the show was a bust despite being in the presence of some of the rarest most collectible airguns ever assembled I have no idea of the performance but I think its probably a big potato cannon Im not sure whether I have seen ISP before or not but if they are not Russian then perhaps they are the Indonesian with Chinese backing pany that shows up at the SHOT Show every year

Trishul Astra Bvraam Lrcms In Asia Other Drdo

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I am asking because you are about catamaran design which is also looked at by US Chinese and Indonesian navy January 24 2013 at 2 00 January 25 2013 at 9 50 AM Gessler said Hello Prasun Im back at your blog 1 How many Nag ATGMs and how many CLGMs would IA procure ultimately 2 How many Rudras would IA AAC finally end up with 70 or 120 3 When would How many of these big AWACS IAF will purchase Did they talk about IN

Why You Need A Good Airgun Pellet Trap Pyramyd Air

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After having a similar experience I finally coughed up the money for a genuine bullet trap one made to stop a 40 grain lead bullet from a 22 long rifle cartridge If it can do that there aint I have also found I dont like 177 caliber that much 22 is my pick for favorite airgun caliber because it is cheap enough for alot of target shooting but delivers good hunting power At February 22 2006 3 21 I cant recomend this method for big bore air rifles Sorry so long Jason

Did You Know Air Gun Blog Pyramyd Air Report

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Crosman produced their galley air rifles in the 1940s in 21 caliber I dont know if anyone knows exactly why they chose that caliber but given the immediate post World War II timeframe I would bet they did it to corner the

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