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T-4 Bullpup: Pcp Air Gun

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T4bullp-1s-tm.jpg. I came across a Russian firm called DAC / Demyan who manufacture a bullpup conversion of their T-4 Carbine PCP bolt action rotary magazine repeating air gun. T4Bullp 1S T-4 Bullpup T4Karab 1S Click to expand (warning: it is a big file). Another interesting feature of this rifle is the built in Demyan is going to be at SHOT Show 2009 so either they do have distributor lined up or are looking for one. The SHOT Show description of thepany:.

I'm Glad I Don't Judge Beauty Contests

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Five thousand $US seems to be the going price for a refurbished bike from indonesia. I call it my quiet place. Here the guns are old and so are the contributors. If they're young, they sure don't act it. Everyone respects the vintage stuff made in the days before the velocity races began. It's like an airgun show on . Today is my birthday, and at 64 I'm planning my summer vacation with a ride to the big Bend and maybe some off-road adventures with my BMW F650GS.

Gamo Cf-x

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Not that big a stretch. Oh, I forgot to mention, Gamo owns BSA and borrows their technology from time to time. The Gamo Stutzen, for instance, is almost a direct copy of the BSA Stutzen – but for $100 less. BSA optics are .. O yeah, yes my airgun is indonesian made. btw, do pyramid carries japanese made Sharp Ace? i heard that they are very good, but i cant get it anywhere. can you help? haque .. By the way,do you have a link to where they sell the .22 cal cf-x?

Did You Know?

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They talk a lot about the advantages their guns have over conventional airguns, but they never once mention the extreme difficulty of obtaining shotgun primers in the current market when reloading supplies are limited. . When you bring up the Fender Strat I have to point out that finding a decent to really good guitar for a very low price is remarkably easy nowadays (though it will be made in China, Korea, indonesia)pared to how it was during the 60′s. Fenders 

The 2010 Roanoke Airgun Expo

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If you came to buy just a Beeman R11 and didn't find one, you might think the show was a bust despite being in the presence of some of the rarest, most collectible airguns ever assembled. . I have no idea of the performance, but I think it's probably a big potato cannon. I'm not sure whether I have seen ISP before or not, but if they are not Russian, then perhaps they are the Indonesian (with Chinese backing)pany that shows up at the SHOT Show every year.

Diana 27

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Someone told me that 10.5 gr is too heavy for a springer and will shorten the lifespan of my spring and it will become difficult as it will cause my gun a huge kick.He said I should stick to the 8.4gr pellets. I am your reader from indonesia. Because in my country airgun limit only .177 cal for regular person (or non FAC), i want to maximise the .177 power potential (i want to build .177 PCP), so i have some question for you : 1. It is possible to use supersonic velocity in 

Why You Need A Good Airgun Pellet Trap!

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HOWEVER, when I went to the Gamo website and looked at the specifications for this trap, they say nothing about which airguns are best suited for it! So, how is a dealer like Pyramyd Also, so you happen to know how man foot-pounds the RWS 324 generates in .22 cal? Thanks. jw. Reply I can't recomend this method for big bore air rifles. Sorry so long. Jason I was trying to get some putty to make pellet trap, but can't find any here in indonesia…. Haque. Reply 

Sharp Ace: The Sheridan Of The Orient?

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It was originally sold by Beeman Precision airguns in the early 1980s, when thatpany flirted briefly with some Sharp models, plus Benjamins and Sheridans, in their product lineup. Sales must have That way, they leave a thin coat of oil in the bore and rust doesn't get started. The Sheridan I'm a big sharp rifle fan… i always wanted one since i was 14 and got them by the time i almost 33 years old! by the time i shoot with itm its just love from the first shoot… =).

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