Contoh Kalimat Expressions Asking Repetition And Showing Attention

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HOMEWORK. Practise a dialogue with your friend based on the following situation. Situation: You tell your friend how to do/ make something, but while your friend speaking, please interupt him/ her like asking to repeat his/ her words, showing your attention while he/ she is speaking, and the last showing your admiration. Example: expressions of asking for repetition : - What? - Could you repeat please! I can't hear you. - I'm sorry. what did you say? - Sorry, I can't 

Asking For Repetition And Showing Attention...

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asking for repetition (ask someone to repeat his or her words because we don't hear clearly or we don't catch what he or she said). expressions. Responses. - Pardon? - Sorry? - Sorry, what did you say? - I'm sorry. - I'm sorry 

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Andy : Don't you know about the accident last night ? Rina : Yes,tell me more about it ! The italic sentence expresses A.repetition B.Opinion C.Expressing attention. D.Doubt 9. Any : Don't you know about the earthquake in Tasikmalaya ? Edy : . . 44. To apply for a secretary position,an applicant must be able to speak English,good looking and have experience. 45. Oh,I'm sorry,I will repeat it. MATERIALS A.Expressios of Certainty and Uncertainty 1.asking Certainty

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Ø expressions of certainty. Ø asking repetition. Ø showing and responding to hesitation. Ø showing attention and expressions of admiration. Grammar. ü Past perfect tense. ü Passive voice. ü Conditional sentence. ü Gerund.

100 Mostly Small But Expressive Interjections

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Yay is a congratulatory exclamation. (Not to be confused with yeah, a variant of yes.) Yikes is an expression of fear or concern, often used facetiously. Yo-ho-ho is the traditional pirates' refrain. Yoo-hoo attracts attention. Yow, or yowza, is an exclamation of . In reply to Emma: “hamana-hamana” is the written version of the vocalization Jackie Gleason used as Ralph Kramden on the long-running TV show “The Honeymooners.” It was used whenever he was caught out 

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Starting, lengthening, and closing conversation in the telephone. Grade IX Semester 1. 1.asking and giving certainty. 2.Expressing and responding doubtness. 3.asking repetition. 4.showing attention. 5.showing admiration.

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Meminta orang lain untuk mengulangi penjelasan atau jawaban bukan berarti kita tuli dan tidak mendengar apa yang diucapkan orang lain; akan tetapi "asking for repetition" lebih menekankan bahwa kita ingin mendengarkan jawaban atau penjelasan dengan lebih terang lagi. contoh asking repetition. Untuk memahami cara dan bagaimana contoh asking for repetition, mari kita baca dialog di bawah ini : Rina : Hello Dewi. Look at my new purse. I made it by myself 

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To do and respond the expressions of: asking and giving certainty, expressing and responding a doubt expression, asking repetition, giving attention, and expressing admiration. · to retell the main information (gist) in a 

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