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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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I for one, found me feet by asking, paying attention toments and learning from my mistakes and can honestly say that I've rarely read any of those pages in detail. I'm not sure asking new users to read something in addition to what is 

Fiction: A Dialogue

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Thus when I ask you, with what sounds like a sob, what you mean by fiction, you cut me off: “All those books in the fiction section of the book store,” you say. “Help me out here. Give me a . Instead filmmakers cut quickly back and forth between faces, using the 'transfer of attention' as a substitute for panning—'a substitute that has no exact correlate in ordinary perceptual experience.'4. “Other departures from “Can you give me an example?” “I'll just take one from the 

Change Your Team » Here Is Why You Should Stop Asking Why

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Rather than sparking the open dialogue we're looking for, “why” locks us the person into their position. It also triggers very “hmmm…what WAS I paying attention to when I made that recommendation?” If you really want to 

Urban Omnibus » Give A Minute

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What is Give a Minute? Jake Barton: Give a Minute is a new way to create public participation and conversation at a citywide scale. It allows for the asking of a question (or questions) to an entire city simultaneously. Instead of looking at the way cities work as a sort of zero-sum game of limited and finite For Give A Minute, we wanted to lower the barriers for entry into constructive dialogue focused around positive collective change rather than specificplaints.

'star Wars: Tiny Death Star' Tips

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I lost those Bux because instead of asking if I wanted to pay 1,000 credits to call a Supply Officer, it had already pulled that officer and started working on the task, I tapped again without paying attention to the dialog that was 

Why Do You Ask? Questioning The Question In The Writing...

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The form of questioning and dialogue remains but the exchange is actually monologic, devolving into a lecture that Socrates gives at the end to Callicles—Callicles who has simply given up and offers only perfunctory and sarcastic rejoinders, like, “Oh most certainly, Socrates” and “Whatever you say, Socrates,” and who basically says, “Why don't you just finish up the . I'm excited to start paying special attention to how I ask questions both as a tutor and as a writer.

The Shameful Saga Of Uninstalling The Terrible Ask Toolbar

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Imagine that you accidentally clicked Next without paying attention, and now Java has installed the Ask Toolbar. You realize your giant mistake, and want to correct it by uninstalling the terrible Ask Toolbar, so you head to 

Mentoring With Skill

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I can't tell you how many times ex-offenders that have been assigned mentors havee to me andplained that their mentor just wants to give advice without listening to them. I remember an incident Perhaps I'm reading too much into this, but I think we go to our default answer “He was teaching” because we can't imagine Him listening, let alone asking questions. This would mean There is effort involved when ites to paying attention. I don't even have to 

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